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Ginsey Non Slip Mats For Bath Tubs

Updated on May 29, 2014

Ginsey Bath Tub Mats

If you're looking for the best non slip mats for bath tubs, here's a good place to start. Ginsey bathtub mats combine durability, function and style to give you a decorative bathtub mat that will last for years to come. With many sizes, decors and features to choose from, I'm sure you'll find the perfect Ginsey bath mat for your family.

The mats pictured on the left (along with many others) are available to purchase below.

Ginsey Aquatouch Bath Tub Mats

These Ginsey bath tub mats have plenty of drainage holes and they attach to the bottom of your tub using suction cups. If you're looking for a bath tub mat that catches hair, scrubs your feet and is machine washable, then look no further.

This is the bath mat my Grandma has. She has a hard time bending over to wash her feet so she loves that she can just rub them against the massaging fibers to get them clean. And since I'm the one that cleans her bathroom, my favorite feature is that it can just be thrown into the washer to clean it. Her old mat wasn't machine washable, which meant I spent a lot of time on my knees scrubbing it clean.

Basically, if you're looking for an all-purpose mat, this is the one you'll want.

Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat White

Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat Blue

Ginsey Aquatouch Soft As Grass Bath Mat Clear

Ginsey Kids Bath Tub Mats

Ginsey kids bath tub mats are made of non-stick vinyl and attach to your tub using suction cups. They measure 14 1/2" X 30".

There's three main reasons I recommend getting a mat for your kids. First of all, it's FUN! Just look at all these cartoon characters to choose from. Imagine how much fun your kids would have bathing with Dora or Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh. I'm sure it would make bath time extra giggly. A mat would also make it safer. I don't know about your kids but mine slip and slide all over the tub. And while most of the time they think it's fun, every once in a while a head gets bumped and then it's not so fun anymore. My third reason is purely visual. My kids bathroom is all decked out in Winnie the Pooh decor, so a matching bath mat just lets me take that fun decor even further.

Disney Cars


Toy Story 3







Ginsey Hair Catcher Bath Tub Mats

These Ginsey bath tub mats prevent clogged drains by trapping hair before it gets to the drain. It sticks easily using suction cups and it's easy to clean with soap and water.

This is exactly what we need at my house! Have I mentioned how hairy my husband is? He's 5'4" and 145 pounds and I swear about 40 pounds of that is hair. When he gets out of the shower, it looks like he just bathed a very hairy animal. In fact, I always wonder how he can lose so much hair in the tub and yet still remain so hairy himself. If we had one of these mats, we wouldn't have to use so much Drano!

Ginsey Hair Catcher Bath Mat, White

Ginsey Hair Catcher Bath Mat, Blue

Ginsey Rubbermaid Bath Tub Mats

These 16" X 28" vinyl bath mats have all the durability and practicality of Rubbermaid, but also the style and functionality of Ginsey.

Ginsey Rubbermaid Bath Mat 3 sizes Blue or White

Ginsey Rubbermaid No Comb Bath Mat, Amber

Ginsey Rubbermaid Flat Rope Bath Mat

Ginsey Rubbermaid Flat Seaweed Bath Mat

Ginsey Rubbermaid Flat Drops Bath Mat

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    • profile image

      anitabreeze 4 years ago

      Hmmm, that haircatcher mat sounds like a good idea!

    • aviwolfson profile image

      Avi Wolfson 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Very useful, I feel like a nervous wreck when my daughter goes in the tub, I hold onto her like a leach.

    • Frischy profile image

      Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      I am very interested in the machine washable mats. I wonder what kind of material it is made of. Is it soft like fabric, or is it more like rubber?

    • techmom profile image

      techmom 4 years ago

      I like the cute kids ones, but I think the hair catcher is what we need here!