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Find a Glass and Metal Bookcase for your Home or Office

Updated on December 7, 2012

Steel, Wrought Iron, and other Metal & Glass Bookshelves

There are two reasons to get a glass and metal bookshelf: 1) because you like the look of it or 2) because you like the sturdiness of these kinds of shelves. You could probably decide on this type of case because of a combination of the two as well.

In the following lens I tried to pull out both attractive and utilitarian bookshelf options for you. They are all sturdy and well-made--you won't find a lot (if any) reviews complaining of flimsiness.

As always, make sure you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Measure the space where you are going to put the bookcase and try to imagine how it will fill that space.

These are some pretty normal-sized bookcases that will work in either your office or your home. The one to the right, Convenience Concepts 157002 Go-Accsense 3-Shelf Bookcase is an elegant, simple, cost-effective option.

It comes with stainless steel rods that won't rust, and tempered glass shelves. You can choose either a clear or black glass--both are really sleek looking.

The unit is super easy to put together and sturdy once you do so. Some people even use it for a flat screen TV as well as or instead of books.

As for the two options below, the first is made of steel and mesh, with clear tempered glass for the shelves. The second choice is taller and is made of industrial-style metal with black printed tempered glass.

Office Line Two Tier BookcaseCHECK PRICE

Homelegance Downtown Collection BookcaseCHECK PRICE

Elegant & Stylized Metal and Glass Bookshelves

Beautiful Bookcases with Glass Shelves

These two options are a little different from the ones above, which are much more utilitarian. These are beautiful, works of art, as well as being useful. They both have 4 shelves, are sturdy, and easy to assemble. Use these as accents and as display cases for your books, plants, and whatever else you want to showcase.

Turnersville 4 Tier BookshelfCHECK PRICE

Wrought Iron Style 4 Tier BookcaseCHECK PRICE

Steel Bookcases with Glass Doors

Heavy & Stable Bookcase Options

These three options are clearly bookcases. They are all made of heavy gauge metal and have tempered glass doors that lock (key included). The doors prevent any dust or contaminants from getting to your books, or whatever you decide to put in there.

The two "black" options pictured here come in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, brown, tan, and grey.

Tennsco Executive Steel Bookcase w/ Glass DoorsCHECK PRICE

Steel Bookcase with Glass Doors, 3 ShelvesCHECK PRICE

Steel Bookcase with Glass Doors, 2 ShelvesCHECK PRICE

Glass and Metal Towers

Tall Bookshelves for More Storage

These are all taller tower-like options. The first, the "cheap" option, is from the same company as the standard bookcase I highlighted above. It's sturdy, high quality, people seem to love it, and it's affordable. It comes in both clear and black glass. The reviews on it are spectacular. The other two are just different styles from different companies. What you choose depends on what you need and the space you need to fill, of course.

Convenience Concepts Go-Accsense Glass TowerCHECK PRICE

S-Unit 01 Bookshelf with Glass TopCHECK PRICE

S-Unit 205 Bookshelf with Glass TopCHECK PRICE

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