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Glass Fountains, Your Windows into the Magical World of Running Water

Updated on February 29, 2012

Attractive Powers

Indoor fountains have become very popular recently, due to their abilities to relax minds and nerves, and being a unique decoration suitable for any room in a private house or in an official edifice. Since the ancient times water has been considered the essential beginning of everything and was included into the number of the primary elements composing this world, people believe that water has special unique powers. Water decorations are thought to attract prosperity under any roof under which it finds a place. It is easy to check: get an artificial but very pretty glass waterfall and place it in your home or office. In some time you may see that your prosperity is growing, - and if no, you may not even notice it due to the unique beauty of the glass fountains and the serene ambience of harmony they produce.

Water Fountain used as a wall

Water Fountain used as a wall
Water Fountain used as a wall

Healing Abilities

Artificial waterfalls hit not only decorative, but also functional missions. They are a great soothing means, one of the best for those who need to relieve stress, unwind after a hard working day, or just sit and relax beside in front of a wall of glass waterfalls and reflect on the flowing water.

Besides that, indoor fountains of many kinds are known for their health improving powers. They humidify and ionize air and this way they improve health of people who spend time in the same room. The negative ions spread over the room by the water are able to cure or relieve chronic diseases, such as arthritis or asthma, or various skin problems.

It is reasonable to place glass waterfalls in bedrooms, for their peaceful sound and positive impact on the surrounding atmosphere are able to fight insomnia and headaches, improve quality of sleep and cleanse and soften the air in the whole room.

Placed in a living room, glass fountains are able to give it a hint of certain style and respectable appearance. Due to the fact that such fountains can be either floor-styled or wall-mounted, they can find place wherever you like.

Along with their beauty, glass fountains, especially mirror-based ones are able to widen the room and visibly "open" the space.

Glass Fountain

Clear-Glass Waterfalls

Glass waterfalls can be of various fashions, decorated in compliance with the general style of the room where you decide to place them. This can be either hi-tech style with minimum of embellishing details and of simple shapes or exquisite forms of classically styled columns and flowers; that is why they are able to be a great part of any interior and match any design.

Glass waterfalls, due to their unique principle of circling water give no splatter. Water runs down the surface of the glass in a smooth stream with a pleasant sound.

The background for this water can be of diverse styles, depending on the material you choose for your own home waterfall. If it is clear glass, the water stream will be transparent, and it may look especially good when placed within the reach of a source of light. The rays may pierce through the layers of water on the glass, creating a nice interplay of light, especially if the glass pane bears some slight hue of colour.

In case there is a mirror glass behind the water film, the effect may differ, though no way to the worse. The mirror surface on the background may create a vision of distant shadows moving behind a rain covered window which looks impressive and catching.

In any case, when having guests, probably, you will be able to notice how glass fountains enchant them and create a special mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Double-sided glass waterfalls are perfect for creating an additional wall in the room which would divide the space in separate zones. Such waterfalls have water running on both sides of the transparent glass pane, and it creates special effect resembling pale moonlight.

Benefits of Your Purchase

If you decide to decorate your home or office with glass waterfalls, you may be absolutely sure about their quality. They are made of only the best materials, using only the newest techniques, and have all their positive features they must have in order to decorate your rooms and please your life. Usually, all these products have a warranty for a certain term, and it gives confidence that such a masterpiece is going to please your eyes and ears for a considerable time.

You certainly need an indoor waterfall if you want to get something not usual for your home, if you are looking for both beautiful and functional decorations, and of course, if there is an allergic in your family, for the slightest water dust in the air helps to cope with the common dust and pollen in the air which may aggravate the disease; and because of other numerous positive features of the artificial waterfalls.

So, in order to have a unique decoration and a thing that may improve the conditions of your living, turn to glass fountains, which have mysterious powers to attract wellbeing and harmony to the place they occupy.

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