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Beautiful Gothic Mirrors

Updated on April 9, 2012

Gothic Mirrors

Gothic mirrors can be a great addition to the décor of a room, as the wide range of looks of a Gothic mirror make them very appealing in many situations.

The sizes, shapes and designs of the mirrors, while easily recognizable as Gothic, have a wide variety of appearances; some very simple with arched, pointed tops, to the more ornate which must be matched more carefully with the overall look of the place in the home you want to put it.

As for sizes, they can from a few inches high to many feet high, with the general shape being narrower horizontally and taller vertically. Even smaller Gothic mirrors usually follow this pattern.

While there are some exceptions, the larger percentage of Gothic mirrors will include the pointed arch at the top, similar to how the majority of Gothic windows are made.

Gothic Mirror Designs

Along with the pointed arches, there are a number of designs which separate Gothic from other types of mirrors.

Much of that is influenced by architectural creations in the medieval era, including dragons, gargoyles, castles and wrought iron, among others.

That means those looking for a mirror with a Gothic design shouldn't have trouble finding one that meets their requirements and tastes.

Gothic Mirror with Castle Theme

This is a nice production of what represents a Gothic design of the 13th Century. Particularly noteworthy are the spires and arches, along with the fantastic twisted columns on either side of the mirror.

The glass itself is made of antique mercury with dark polychrome filling in the space between the columns and around the mirror. Completing the design is the gold leaf finish, resulting in an amazing mirror.


Wrought Iron Gothic Mirror

If you like the design of this wrought iron Gothic mirror you will have many options. Even though it is Gothic, the inclusion of the leaves and scrolling allow for it to be used in a number of decorative situations in a room or hallway without much chance of clashing with other furnishings or color schemes.

The elegance and beauty of the mirror make it an excellent home decor option.

Gothic Dragon Mirror

Gothic mirrors can be identified as such from either design or subject matter, and the mirror below is one of those where the subject matter is the defining characteristic.

In this case the wonderful dragon is the key element, wrapping beautifully around the mirror, with wings folded on the sides and the tail entwined at the bottom. Very nice design for those who love dragons.


Larger Arched Mirrors

I really like the way these three mirrors appear to be windows, as they reflect the scenery in front of them.

The way the mirrors are separated with the two larger pieces really makes a compelling image; creating a broken, but continuing picture of what stands before it.

Also looking fantastic is the inner design of the mirrors. Very nice.


Tall Gothic Mirror Set

For a larger room or possibly entry way, this set of five Gothic mirrors would really stand out great.

As always, when using mirrors in your décor, the image it reflects, especially with larger mirrors, becomes a part of the overall look of the wall the mirrors are hanging on, making the area being reflected part of the opposing wall, as you can see in these mirrors.

That reality offers some intriguing possibilities, as you can see below.

Gothic Church Mirror

As you can see in the gold-colored Gothic church mirror, ornate isn't always the design of choice for the genre.

This used to be a window in a church, and for those with a Christian bent, the three compartments of the mirror are made to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In the right room and circumstances, sometimes a simple mirror like this is much easier to work in than it's more ornate and complicated cousins.


Gothic Revival Mirror by Gillows

A very rare find, this Gothic revival mahogany toilet mirror by Gillows is gorgeous, presenting a much different look than the preceding Gothic mirrors.

The finials blend together nicely on all the areas they're placed in. Also working well is the cluster of flowers at the center top of the mirror, bringing it all together symmetrically.

Not easy to find, this a terrific example of a Gillows, which is circa 1870.


Gothic Mirrors

Being a fan of most things Gothic, including Gothic homes, furnishings and designs, these mirrors were fantastic to me.

The usual disparity of looks with Gothic design are included with the mirrors, offering up numerous options for those seeking to have a hallway or room adorned with Gothic furnishings or wall hangings.

For those looking for a new look in the home, or in a public place, Gothic mirrors should be one of the options you seriously consider.


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