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Refinish your laminate countertop to look like granite.

Updated on February 8, 2012
Ubatuba Granite Countertop Painted Over Laminate
Ubatuba Granite Countertop Painted Over Laminate

A Granite Countertop You Can Afford

So you've lived with your laminate countertop for some time. It's durable, scratch resistant, and you don't really give it too much thought or care. Heck, it may even be PINK! But the moment you encounter a beautiful slab granite countertop in someone else's home, or in a nice restaurant, the craving begins.

Any research reveals the steep cost of slab granite for countertops. They can run $50-$100 per square foot installed, and more for exotic granite. Your cabinets may have to be reinforced as well, adding to cost and construction mess. Even if you've considered a nice granite print laminate, you may be limited in your selection if you are trying to keep costs down.

There is a new solution to your granite countertop search that will please even the most budget conscious consumer. It's a highly durable water based enamel paint, made to go right over your existing laminate surface. Giani has formulated this remarkable product in a do-it-yourself kit. The challenge, however, is achieving a realistic granite appearance with a sponge. The resulting mess can look more like berber carpet than real granite if you don't have experience painting faux granite.

So, let go of a few pennies and hire a pro to come in and create ANY granite under the sun. Experienced Giani installers are listed on the Giani website. A talented installer will personally meet with you to determine the best color and style of Granite for your space. They can reference granite tiles and laminate samples, as well as actual finished Granite Paint samples, so you can see a finished look of the actual product. When production begins, your countertop is cleaned, sanded, caulked where needed, taped perfectly, cleaned again, primed, granite painted in 3-4 layers for depth, finished with 2 coats of durable topcoat, and cleaned one last time. The process can be completed in 3 partial days, and you will end up with the granite you craved at 80% the cost of slab granite! It's durable, beautiful, affordable, easy to maintain and easy to repair.

See examples of a talented installer serving the Denver area here:
Or call G.Go Decorative at 303-946-4300 for a local consultation.

Gary Gomez is the owner/operator of G.Go Decorative Interior Paint Finishes in Lakewood, Colorado


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    • gareo1 profile image

      Gary Gomez 2 years ago from Colorado

      This is Gary - Hey I wanted to update this Hub with some important information. Although I do like the concept and formulation of Gianni's Mineral Colors, I was disappointed in their topcoat. It was too soft and began to gum up and peel away from the surface over time, as reported from my clients.

      My new process is to prime the counter top with oil based primer. Then I will use artist's acrylics to create a very realistic countertop effect. Finally, the entire countertop is encapsulated in thick layer of rock-hard clear epoxy, made specifically for bar tops.

      The finish is high gloss, like glass, but that means it's going to be the most durable of all finishes. The shinier, the harder.

      This countertop will last for years with heavy abuse, and you will still be able to enjoy the realistic marble underneath it.

    • gareo1 profile image

      Gary Gomez 4 years ago from Colorado

      It's Gary - I've developed a new process that uses this same durable product to look like real marble! Please visit my recent post for examples:

    • profile image

      Adelaide Lawyers 7 years ago

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    • tpshah profile image

      tpshah 7 years ago

      Very good and nice hub.

      thanks for this information.