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Granite Sink

Updated on December 13, 2010

A granite sink can compliment any part of the home, but after a while they may need some care and attention to bring back that quality shine. Because these types of sinks are of top quality then you need to keep it in prime and top condition if you still want to impress those guests and visitors.

This Hub will touch on the right way to clean your granite sink as opposed to your common kitchen sink, granite sinks need a lot more attention in terms of keeping them looking new.

Types Of Granite Sinks

Granite sinks are very sturdy and strong and are made of various types of colored granite that give it that high quality look,and can easily stand the test of time if maintained well. There are a wide range of granite kitchen sinks that are well suited to enhance and compliment your kitchen and dinning area. Not only will a granite kitchen sink enhance you kitchen area, these sinks can compliment any part of the home where there is a need to ad style.

There are granite bathroom sinks, these types of sinks are quality and a granite bathroom sink will impress anyone who gazes their eyes upon it, so why not take a bath in style. Composite granite sinks or a granite composite kitchen sink is very similar to a granite undermount sink which are well suited for up market restaurants and fine dining establishments.

A granite undermount sink can also suit the home and are not limited to just high rise restaurants. A granite vessel sink has to be one of my favorites, Granite vessel sinks are very stylish and retro and add a different look to any room as opposed to the norm and their bowl like shape gives the looker a sense of history. Granite sinks can also come in a variety of different shapes as well, such as the pegasus granite sink with it's sleek curves that ad style to any bench top. Blanco have a wide range of granite sinks and owning a blanco granite sink will surely impress with just the brand name alone. There are also slightly smaller sinks one can purchase such as a franke granite sink these franke granite sinks even though they are a little down sized still hold the same look and quality as any top brand granite sink but are more suited to a home with less room and space.

Cleaning a Granite Sink

OK enough with the sinks lets get straight down to the business of how to clean your granite sink and bring back that shine. The basic items you will need can be found around the home and you may not even have to purchase a thing. You will need a clean sponge or cloth, some dish washing liquid, dry clean towels, mild abrasive pads, vinegar and a bleach. Having a clean towel handy will come into play every time your granite sink is used, give the sink a quick rinse and towel dry. If you leave it as is, you will find that water mineral deposits will form  and stain the sink. To remove stains that do form, simply clean the surface with a clean sponge or cloth mixed with a little dish washing liquid. If you find that stubborn stains appear then you can remove this by lightly scrubbing your sink with a mild abrasive pad, you can ad a little lite cleaning abrasive compound such as Ajax, or Liquid Lightning to remove those really stubborn stains.

Alternative Cleaning Solution

An alternative is using a mixture of vinegar and water this will serve the same purpose to get rid of those mineral deposits that form on you granite sink. Now this next method should be only used if  you get a stain that has become ingrained into the sink itself. Mixed together a solution of 30 parts water and 1 part bleach and let it set in the sink overnight then in the morning rinse clean and dry with a clean towel or cloth. This is only for extreme stains and should not be done on a regular basis. So that wasn't so bad, there's no rocket science to cleaning a granite sink just common sense and attention.

Installing a Granite Undermount Sink


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