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Great Wallpaper Designs for Child's Bedroom

Updated on February 4, 2013

Wallpaper Designs for Children's Room

Picking up the right wallpaper for a child's room isn't as easy as it sounds. It's not enough only to pick up a one colour wallpaper, blue or pink depending on the child's gender, and settle with it. Actually when it comes to choosing the wallpaper for the room of your child you should aim to buy as colourful wallpapers as possible so that you can combine them with the rest of the items in the room such as furniture, curtains, bed sheets and linens and so on. But you should also try to create a comfortable, secure, and yet, playful environment for the child in his/ her room by installing the wallpapers with the colours, tones, ornaments and decorations.

Wallpapers with Animals

Animals Are Always a Suitable Option

With almost no exceptions at all you can safely assume that every child loves animals so picking up a wallpaper with animals theme is always a good choice of a wallpaper design for the child bedroom. The gender and the age of the child should also come into consideration when choosing what wallpaper to install in your kid's room. If the child is very little than you should choose more cartoon-ish looking animals or smiling animals so that the kid doesn't feel threatened or uncomfortable in his/ her surroundings. For older children you may choose more simple and plain coloured wallpapers that correspond to the child's tastes and interests like a dinosaur wallpaper for a boy's room and pink wallpaper with cats for the girl's room.

Sponge Bob is one of the children's favourite cartoon characters
Sponge Bob is one of the children's favourite cartoon characters

Wallpapers with Famous Cartoon Characters

What Child Doesn't Like Cartoons?

If there is something that kids like more than animals than that would most certainly be cartoons. Wallpapers featuring famous cartoon characters or scenes from animated movies are ideal for a child's room, especially if he/ she enjoys watching movies and cartoons series. Disney movie characters are very popular amongst children and wallpapers with Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Winnie the Pooh themes are some of the favourite for kids and their parents. Sponge Bob is another option for cartoon themed wallpapers but the are numerous other cartoon characters that you child could enjoy.

Cartoon Characters Wallpapers

Cowboy wallpapers is always a good idea
Cowboy wallpapers is always a good idea

Wallpapers with Pirates, Superheroes

And let's no forget the timeless classics robots, cars, cowboys

In the past few years pirates become very popular theme amongst children since the release of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The movie franchise played a large role in the resurrection of the whole trend and obsession of pirates for children. The pirate themed wallpapers are ideal for a boy's bedroom. Robots, cars, cowboys are other themes used for decorating boy's room which are timeless and are always suitable choice. The superheroes have also gathered a huge spike in popularity the last decade or so and it's no wonder that everybody from small children to adults like them so much. A wallpaper of the boy's favourite superhero can be just another addition to it's large collection of merchandise such as toys, movies, comics and so on.

Cowboys or Pirates - Who are the coolest?

What Types of Wallpaper Do You Like More?

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Wallpapers with Princess, Unicorns, Fairies

Girl's rooms wallpaper decorations

While the boys would like to see the walls in their rooms decorated with objects and themes that they like and enjoy, girls would also like the same for their rooms. Small girls would preferred if the wallpapers in their rooms use similar themes more to their liking such as unicorns, princesses, fairies and other mystical creatures. As for the older girls they will most certainly would like the wallpapers in their room to have the face of their favourite singer or boyband like Justin Beiber and "One Direction"

Fairy Tales Themed Wallpapers


Few Tips and Bits of Advice

Choosing a wallpaper for child's room can be very difficult task but not as difficult as installing this wallpaper in the room. To avoid damaging the nice looking wallpapers it's better to hire professionals to get the job done. And if you are tearing the old wallpapers in the room down make sure you entrust this chore to the experts in post construction cleaning like those provided by Fantastic Cleaners Kilburn

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    • danadavies lm profile image

      danadavies lm 4 years ago

      Boys also love astronauts, so you can add wallpapers with that theme - stars, planets, spaceships, Felix Baumgartner, you name it! It could be quite inspiring for young boys and will definitely enhance their imagination! :)