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great light fixtures

Updated on March 24, 2011




1. RAB Lighting: Vaporproof:

A Very affordable and durable industrial sheik fixture. This one can be used in exterior or damp location.







2. Modern America:

Trumpet-like art deco wall sconce. Mid-range price. 











3. PH5

This sophisticated pendant is painted red and blue onthe inside so that the light reflected out is very flattering to human skin tones (particularly pale nordic skin tones since it was designed in denmark in the 50s.) Although glare-free, it does not put out a ton of light. Upper-range pricing.



4. Acorn Lantern:

Handmade with care in the land of fine craftsman architecture, this unique fixture puts out a warm glow. Excellent welcome beacon for your front porch. Upper-range pricing











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