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Green Cleaning for Better Health

Updated on January 28, 2016

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning has helped many homes be pollution free. House pollution levels are higher compared to out doors. Most indoor pollution emanates from volatile organic substances which emit gases through evaporation especially from home cleaning products and detergents as well as decorations. Buildings with poor ventilation are more prone to this compared to well aired ones.

The simplest way of green cleaning is opening the windows depending on weather. This enables the pollutants to be let out; a single standard vase of daffodils can fill the living room will pollutants from the lovely scent even during summer or winter. Using the harsh synthetic air fresheners and fragrances complicates the matter further by adding extra toxic chemicals to the room resulting in harming the environment and creating an unhealthy indoor.

Switching to green cleaning reduces the risk of household cleaning product contamination. Some of the products are not fully tested or they do not disclose the level of toxicity in their ingredients. Looking at some of their labels one can not be able to read as their wording is never clear or the fonts are not visible. Green cleaning means use of products which are non toxic and biodegradable while being effective in cleaning.

Natural Healthy Environment

Maintaining a natural healthy environment can be attained by avoiding the use of air fresheners and aerosols. High frequency of using these agents causes headaches and depression to users. On the other hand, these chemicals are known to cause ear infections and diarrhea to infants less than six months old. Practicing the use of natural methods to clean can help reduce these ailments to minimal levels and the doctor is kept away.

Not all green washing products are safe even if it says it has natural ingredients or mono-toxic on their labels. Eco-friendly ingredients contained in these products should be plant based like grain alcohol as opposed to petroleum based ones. Some recommended ingredients in green cleaning especially for your household cleaning needs include washing soda or sodium carbonate, lemon juice, plain soap, baking soda, and borax.

Do Not Use Corrosives!

To detoxify does not mean over killing germs since a home is not a hospital and combining chlorine and ammonia or corrosive cleaning products for example caused more harm to acidic toilet bowls by corroding it. Biodegradable cleaning substances make the best tools for cleaning especially your laundry and dishes and are not known to threaten flora and fauna.

Avoiding detergents and fabric softeners containing naphthalene is a sure way of avoiding reproductive system associated harm and cancer. Excessive use of these substances can also trigger asthma attacks and allergies with basic symptoms being headaches, skin rashes and irritation, respiratory irritation and watery eyes among others. To eliminate cling and soften fabric, a quarter cup of white vinegar is the best option available in the market and saves money.

Get involved in the green campaign

Have you tried green cleaning? You do not have to start going green in large scale. You can start at home by choosing the right products when you go shopping. Involve your family as this helps in developing a green culture. With time, you will realize how this spreads. Once family members get to know the benefits, they will spread it to their peers and the entire neighborhood as well. The more people you get to embrace the habit the more cleaner the environment resulting in to better life for all.

Green Cleaning Hand Wash

In green cleaning, hand washing should be done using plain warm water and plenty of soap for approximately two minutes. Some hand washing antibacterial soaps are not safe due to the fact that some are laced with bacteria killing additives and chemicals which are not healthy to the skin; some dry up hands leading to cracks which are germ entry point to the body.

Keeping yourself clean and healthy should not cost you fortune; there are other methods that you can use are safe, affordable and readily available online. Remember keeping the environment saves money on medical bills and to achieve this, use of biodegradable substances is the beginning of a safe, secure and cheap way of green cleaning.

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    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Hi Albert Kim, This is an interesting subject and becoming increasingly popular, so thanks for sharing.

      Also, I viewed your hub about Bird Feeding, but there was nowhere to leave a comment. I did enjoy it because I love birds. Voted up.

      Blessings to you.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Have always looked for this infomation. Thanks dear.