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Greenhouses for Sale UK

Updated on January 16, 2013

Greenhouses for Sale

Greenhouses for Sale UK lens is here to highlight what's going on in the world of greenhouses. We'll try and look at some new products out there as well as revisit some established best sellers as well. There are many different types of greenhouses for sale from little mini greenhouses for standing on your balcony all the way through to whopping great 40ft long greenhouses that are just at home in a large garden as in a professional plant nursery.

We have links to greenhouses for sale in the UK from UK Greenhouse Sales at great prices as well as some Amazon greenhouse deals for our readers in the good ol' USA as well.

Yes this greenhouse is called the Popular and coincidentally it is a massively popular greenhouse. This greenhouse by Halls is quite rightly considered as "the standard" to which all other greenhouse manufacturers aspire when designing small garden greenhouses. Halls have been mass producing greenhouses since 1936 so it's fair to say that they know a fair bit about it !

The Halls Popular is a very simple and solid design that will last for donkey's years. I speak to many gardeners who've owned Halls Greenhouses for 30 years plus and the greenhouse is still going strong ! This is why the name Halls is so well known and highly regarded, they last !

Halls make the Popular in 6x4, 6x6, 8x6 and 6x10 sizes. Halls also make a steel greenhouse base for this greenhouse and offer the Popular in silver and a rather nice forest green finish as you can see below.

Owning an 8ft wide greenhouse gives you an abundance of really useful space in which to grow your plants and work, maybe even have a nice chair to sit in whilst enjoying a cup of tea or listen to the radio ! I digress !

Many gardeners looking to buy a 6ft wide greenhouse could actually fit an 8ft wide greenhouse in with a little re configuring ! It's essentially good practice to try and buy the biggest greenhouse you can, slightly larger than you think you'll actually need because once you start using it inevitably you'll want more space !

The Vitavia Neptune greenhouse is a perfect choice when you are looking to maximize your growing space with even the smallest model 8ft x 8ft giving you a growing area of 6.7sq metres.

The Vitavia Neptune is available in the following sizes in silver or green: 8x8, 8x10, 8x12 and 8x14. The greenhouse has a single sliding door with a with a lever mechanism to hold the door in any desired position. There are strengthening corner plates at the ridge and eaves along with side bracing for even more improved strength. Every Vitavia greenhouse carries the TUV Standards Authority stamp.

A key feature of Vitavia Greenhouses is the anodized finish on all of it's silver greenhouses meaning that the greenhouse will stay a nice shiny silver throughout it's life rather than going a nasty greyish dull colour like many inferior greenhouses do.

You can see the entire range here: Vitavia Greenhouses for Sale

Gardman 4 Tier Extra Wide Mini Greenhouse with Reinforced Cover

Plastic Greenhouse

Gardman mini greenhouses are such a popular gardening product. They give you a nice sheltered growing space for your plants and are equally effective for bringing on seedlings or wintering your less hardy plants.

This particular mini greenhouse is the 4 Tier Extra Wide version with the reinforced "rip stop" cover. The greenhouse is built from a steel frame and has 4 integral shelves and to the front has a roll up zippered door. The dimensions are:

H: 1595mm

W: 1200mm

D: 490mm

Wooden Greenhouses can be really beautiful things. These fabulous hand made greenhouses from Swallow Greenhouses are without doubt the finest wooden greenhouses you can buy today. Swallow Greenhouses have won the GLEE Award from the Garden Trade Show at the NEC for 2 years running now ! Simply put you don't see quality like this every day, not any more anyway !

Swallow produce freestanding greenhouses as well as lean to's and can custom build to your specification so you get exactly the greenhouse you want. These greenhouses are constructed from high quality Redwood Pine and come with a 10 year warranty. Standard specification includes toughened safety glass, locking inward opening doors with mortice locks, autovent openers and staging.

Vitavia Lean to Greenhouses

High Quality Lean to's

This is a really nice range of Lean to Greenhouses from Vitavia in very practical sizes to suit most situations. Each of the 3 sizes is available in silver or green with a choice of standard horticultural glass or toughened safety glass as well as an optional steel base plinth.

Here's the 2x4 model the Vitavia Ida 900 in Green:

This is the 6x2 Vitavia Ida 1300 in Green:

Here we have the very popular 8x4 Vitavia Ida 3300 in Silver

The Vitavia Venus greenhouse is a great 6ft wide greenhouse that is extremely popular with gardeners all over Europe. It features from 1 to 4 roof vents, a sliding door and a host of options are available such as louvre vents, automatic vent openers and a choice of glazing.

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