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Grill Gazebo - which is best for you?

Updated on October 30, 2014

Grill Gazebos are exactly what you need

Do you enjoy the family barbecue? Do you consistently have friends over for social events? Do you enjoy the hot tub? Do you prefer to enjoy the backyard with your favorite person watching the sun go down on a comfortable swing or nice patio furniture?

I live in the desert where most of the year is hot, dry, and windy. Every now and then we get a downpour which can ruin your outdoor activities.

So for a good backyard/patio experience, a good grill gazebo provides protection from the heat and shade from the sun. It should be vented to prevent damage from the wind. It should be visually appealing and add to the patio or back yard environment.

If these few things are addressed, you have the perfect environment year round for any outdoor activity with your family or friends.

I have researched gazebos and have come up with a few that I would be interested in purchasing. This information may also help you in deciding which gazebo is best for your lifestyle. The Grill Gazebo is a style that I have chosen to research. It ranges from small with enough area for a small barbecue grill and the grill master inside, to larger sizes that allow for larger grills and seating area. The medium to larger gazebos can also accommodate patio furniture, a patio swing set, or more seating than the small ones. The larger Grill Gazebo is also perfect to shade your outdoor hot tub. The Grill Gazebo is a less expensive way to go.

These gazebos are constructed of rust resistant powder coated steel or aluminum frame, or steel frame poles. Covers and tops can be fire retardant polyester canopy or hardtop design constructed of sturdy polycarbonate. The Canopies and hardtop roofs are vented.

Glass shelves or shelves with slate tops are included.

All require some sort of assembly.


Sunjoy Outdoor Hardtop Grill Gazebo

Perfect For Grilling In Any Season

The Sunjoy Outdoor Hardtop Grill Gazebo is the perfect gazebo to keep the sun, rain, leaves, and weather from ruining your grilling day. As the seasons change throughout the year, this gazebo protects your favorite grill from the effects so you can enjoy a great grilling experience year round. Mmmmm, steaks, hamburgers, fish, and vegetable dishes any time of the year - delicious! Or just use the cover to sit and relax with friends or family with a nice drink. This grill gazebo can also be used as shelter for an outdoor hot tub!

This structure is made from a durable powder coated steel frame. The hard top canopy consists of three separate rectangular pieces, allowing plenty of air circulation through the double-vented top. This helps keep the grill master and friends or family cool and also allows smoke to vent making every time a great grilling experience. It measures 96 in W x 99.6 in H x 58.8 in D. This unit weighs approximately 286.65 lbs.

Built in wine glass hangers comprise one side and lattice framing on the opposite side is perfect for hanging your grilling utensils. This lattice also gives you a great avenue to decorate as you please. Space is always needed to set cooking ingredients within reach of the grill master or friends. One natural slate topped shelf on each side gives you a place to set the food to grill or when it's ready to enjoy. Or, a place to set drinks and snacks for friends and family accompanying the grill master for great bonding. For storage, this unit comes with shelves to store plates, bowls, glasses, utensils, or other necessities.

This beautiful grill gazebo will bring an elegant element to your patio or back yard grilling area. If you decide to move the unit, it is possible, but you will need some help. This gazebo does not allow for height adjustment.

BryLaneHome Grilling Gazebo
BryLaneHome Grilling Gazebo

Brylanehome Grilling Gazebo

Perfect for the Individual BBQ Grill and the Grill Master

BrylaneHome has a wide selection of gazebos. I have chosen the BRYLANEHOME Grilling Gazebo strictly for grilling. This is a compact Grill Gazebo that will shade and protect a small barbecue grill and the grill master from the heat and/or rain. This can be set up on the patio or take it off the patio into the backyard. The dimensions are: 8 ft H X 8 ft W X 5 ft D.

The frame is constructed of rust resistant powder coated steel. It comes with a vented fire retardant polyester canopy. It comes with two sturdy glass shelves on opposite sides for placing grilling items or drinks for the grill master and friends. Included are five hooks for utensils and a handy basket.


Grill Cover Hard Top Gazebo with Glass Counters

Add Beauty And Charm To Your Patio Or Outdoor Grilling Area For A Great Year-round Grilling Experience

This Hard Top Gazebo with Glass Counters by GRILL COVER is a heavier and more permanent construction than the fabric canopied style. This grill gazebo shades you from the sun and protects you from the rain with a sturdy polycarbonate hardtop design. This polycarbonate sheet roof resists UV rays to keep its color.

The fluted steel frame posts contribute to a modern, sleek design. This steel frame construction comes with ground stakes to make this grill gazebo sturdy.

Included are two durable tempered glass countertops, great for holding your meal preparations and your grilled goodies. These also come in handy to hold drinks and snacks for family and friends while they accompany the grill master during the grilling experience.

This unit measures 7 ft 2 in width X 4 ft 6in depth X 7ft 2 in height. The approximate weight of this gazebo is 84 pounds.

This gazebo is a simple design with completely stable construction that adds beauty and charm to your patio or outdoor grilling area for a great year-round grilling experience.

Gazebo Penguin Grill Gazebo
Gazebo Penguin Grill Gazebo

Gazebo Penguin Grill Gazebo

Add Elegance To Your Patio Or Back Yard Grilling Area

The Gazebo Penguin is a great looking hard top Grill Gazebo that can be installed permanently or semi-permanent. If you set it up and then want to move it, you will definitely need help. But it can be done. This gazebo is easy to install following included instructions.

The Gazebo Penguin measures: 7 ft 10 in x 4 ft 11 in x 7 ft 8 in outer dimensions. The inner dimensions are: 5 ft 7 in x 4 ft 11 in x 6 ft 5 in. The structure weighs 132 lbs. The structure consists of a powder coated aluminum for long lasting rust resistance. It comes in a dark chocolate color. The structure height is not adjustable.

The roof is constructed of fade resistant polycarbonate. It consists of two separate rectangle pieces allowing air flow. This allows smoke to flow up and ventilation so it withstands those windy days and evenings. This split canopy design also lends elegance to this Grill Gazebo. The canopy comes in a smoke color.

Solid glass shelves are included to hold any grilling food items or snacks, or drinks for whoever is accompanying the grill master during his tasks. Racks and hooks for your spices and utensils are also included.

Sunjoy Living Accents Steel Frame Grill Gazebo
Sunjoy Living Accents Steel Frame Grill Gazebo

Sunjoy Living Accents Steel Frame Grill Gazebo

An Option For The BrylaneHome Grilling Gazebo

This Sunjoy Living Accents Steel Frame Grill Gazebo is basically the same as the BrylaneHome Grilling Gazebo with following differences:

- 8 ft 4 in H X 8 ft W X 5 ft D

- No hooks or basket

- Weather resistant vented fabric canopy

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