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How to Use Growing Bags.

Updated on May 26, 2012

Organic Growing Bag

If you live in a concrete jungle and have green fingers,

you don't have much choice, when it comes to growing your own vegetables.

I was advised to get grow bags, so I went out and bought some organic growing bags.

The organic growing bag can be used for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, marrows, courgettes, lettuce, herbs, strawberries and bedding plants.

Grow bags are suitable for use in the greenhouse, conservatory or on a patio, if used outside, it's recommended that you choose a sunny, sheltered spot to place your bags.

The instructions for using the growing bag couldn't be easier:

Planting Times

There are two options, planting in a greenhouses or outside:

  • Heated greenhouse - mid March onwards.
  • Cold greenhouse - mid April onwards.
  • Outside - mid May onwards.

Preparation and Planting:

Before you start, shake the bag to distribute the contents evenly.

Cut out as required and water until the compost is moist, but not saturated.

Approximately 5 litres of water.


You should water your plants as necessary after planting to keep the compost moist. Do not over water, but never let the compost dry out. You can also make drainage slits in the side of the bag, to allow run-off of excess water.

If you live in a place where the weather is hot and you've planted large plants, you may need to water them every day.


You will decide on what to feed your plants, but this is the recommended feeding programme:

  • For tomatoes - start feeding when the first truss has set.
  • For other crops - start feeding approximately after 5 weeks.

Hope this helps, I will post some photos of my own growing bags and how I prepared them later.


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