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Growing Parsnips

Updated on May 10, 2016

Parsnips are a delicious vegetable which my friend introduced me to. I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen here in Toronto. Here I was friends with one of my former neighbors. This neighbor is a lot of trouble, but has a good side to him. Over the years he has had many problems with substance abuse. There is more to him than his issues with alcohol and drug abuse. He showed me a way to cook this delicious root vegetable which is to die for. We roasted this vegetable in the oven for more than an hour with various root vegetables. This is a great meal or side dish for a cold winter day.

This year I have some parsnip seeds in my collection. I will soon be starting my seeds in the greenhouse at my community garden. I have a community garden which I have volunteered for. I have my own large plot where I will be growing parsnips this year.

How To Grow Parsnips

Today I started my seeds in the greenhouse where I maintain a community garden plot. These seeds I received from the local seed library. Our community garden offers us lots of free seeds. There are various locations to get seeds for free. You may want to check your local seed library.

Frost enhances to flavor of parsnips. It is best to harvest them in the late fall. They take about 105 days until they are ready to be harvested. Plant in full sun in the late spring. The soil should be well fertilized.

Videos On Growing Parsnips

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