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How To Fix Rusted Gutters

Updated on November 5, 2014

Why Do Gutters Rust?

Many metal objects when exposed to moisture for long periods of time start to rust. Rust starts at the molecular level, when iron becomes oxidised, and changes into iron oxide. Because this oxidisation actually changes the structure of an object it is a serious problem in regard to home maintenance. Gutters are exposed to the harsh elements 365 days a year. Depending on the environment that you are located in this can include tropical storms, blizzards and everything in between. Additionally gutters that are installed incorrectly, or manufactured poorly, allow water to settle and pool in the crevices, and valleys of the gutter, thereby increasing the rate of oxidisation.

Gutter Replacement

Whenever you climb onto your roof, make sure that you are protected by some form of safe roof access. If there are expansive holes and corrosion throughout the entire system, the only option is to remove your gutters and install new ones. Gutters that are corroded can cause extensive damage to your house if they are not repaired. The rusted gutters can allow moisture into your roof cavity, where it will cause extensive moisture damage that can be very costly to repair. If your only option is to replace the gutter system, make sure that it is a high quality system, manufactured from aluminium. There are cheaper gutters manufactured from vinyl, and they advertise these as rust proof. What they do not advertise is the fact that they become very brittle after U.V. exposure, and require constant repair. Instead install aluminium gutters, and ensure that they are installed by professionals. Once they are installed check to make sure that the seams are smooth, and that there are no installation faults.

Gutter Repair

If there is only spot rust in a few areas, then you can repair the damage before it gets too bad. Preparation of the job is the most important, so do not skimp on the preparation. First you need to remove all of the rust from the area. Use a steel brush to manually scrape off all of the rust, until you can see the shining aluminium. You will then need to use a rust converter, also known as a rust treatment. This will prevent rust from developing at the site. Follow the manufactures application instruction. A single coat is generally all that is needed. Next use a water borne anti corrosive coating. This will prevent U.V. damage to the area, and further seal the area thereby preventing rust from developing again.

How to prevent rust developing in gutters?

Maintenance. Regular gutter cleaning is the easiest and most effective way of ensuring that rust does not develop in your gutter system. Debris, leaves, animal products, and environmental products buildup in gutters, and cause moisture to pool in the valleys and joins. This moisture increase the speed of oxidisation. Additionally the debris that builds up in gutters is generally alkaline thereby increasing the risk of corrosion. Gutter cleaning four times a year will prevent rust from developing in your gutters, saving the hassle and cost of repairing, or replacing rusted gutter systems. If you are physically not able to clean your gutters, use a gutter cleaning company that offers a free quotation service, and has trustworthy testimonials published, like Gutter Cleaning Sydney. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

The 3 Main Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning often gets highlighted as one of the most important home maintenance tasks, but have you ever stopped and wondered why it is so important. Here are the main reasons why you should clean your gutters regularly.

Fire - When leaves, twigs and foliage buildup in your gutters it can create a great source of combustible material that can create a fire hazard on your roof. Embers from fires can travel kilometres in the wind and can start a fire if they land in gutters full of leaves. In bushfire prone rural regions keeping your gutters clean is especially important in summer time and during bushfire season when there is increased risk.

Water leaks - Debris buildup in your gutters will cause your gutters to rust and crack. Cracks and rust spots in gutters can cause water leaks that can cause extensive water damage throughout your roof cavity and throughout your internal walls. By cleaning your gutters from leaves you will reduce the risk of cracks and leaks appearing in your gutters.

Roof inspection - In order to properly clean your gutters and downspouts you need to climb onto your roof, which will mean that you will also be able to inspect the other elements of your roof. When you are cleaning your gutters you will also be able to see if there are any other areas of your roof system that need maintenance or repair. In the long run this will extend the lifespan of your roof and gutters.

How often do you clean your gutters?

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