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Half Moon Console Table For Your Home

Updated on August 2, 2015

Half Moon Console Table - Elegant And Practical

Half moon console table can come in various colors and designs to suit all decors. They are practical with their smaller footprint compared to a whole round or square table making them suitable for small and narrow spaces. Think of your entryway, for example. It is a perfect place to put a half moon console table. This will leave you with a space to put your keys, coins and mail on your way.

These tables are also ideal along corridors or they can be used as side tables. The ones that have a few shelves can double up as accent tables too whereby you can use them to put potted plants, books, photo frames, a table clock and other small decorative items. Some also come with a drawer which many people prefer as the storage space can be used to put away letters, bills and stationery.

Browse through the various half round console tables available here and check out the ones that you like.

Image Credit: Frenchi Furniture Crescent End Table, Cherry available at Amazon

Half Moon End Table

Frenchi Furniture Half Moon Console Table
Frenchi Furniture Half Moon Console Table

This half moon end table has 3 tiers to it which is practical for putting various items that may be crowding out your living room. Whether you use it to put your cup of tea or to display your collectibles, it should be a great table to have around the home. You can even use it for other rooms if you need the space to set down your things with its 3 levels.


Half Moon Console Table With Drawers

Half moon console table with drawers is a practical piece of furniture for the home, especially for the entryway. It is just so convenient to drop your mails and other papers straight into the drawer the first thing you step indoors. Putting your keys and all your knick-knacks in the drawer also keeps things neat and tidy. If you get the one with a shelf at the bottom, you will also have more space for your items, be it decorative or just for your everyday stuff.

Small Half Moon Table

Hand Carved Wood Half-Moon Console Table
Hand Carved Wood Half-Moon Console Table

This small half moon table should be perfect for those really tight spaces. Measuring only 12 inches in width and 20 inches in length, you can be sure it won't take up too much room to cause obstruction in your path. Small can be beautiful too and with patterns carved onto its sides, this table will easily beautify your space.


Black Half Moon Console Table

A black half moon console table is certainly a good choice for those small tight spaces. After all, black or any dark colored furniture tends to stand out less, making the space feels more roomy compared to a brightly colored piece. Furthermore, a black semi circle table can look elegant and classy, especially those that come with a traditional design.

Shown here is the Powell Antique Black with Sand Through Terra Cotta Demilune Console Table from Amazon with two curved drawers and tapered legs.

Half Moon Console Table With Storage

Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish
Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish

This wood half moon console table with storage is traditional in styling which may appeal to some. It has a two door cabinet and perfect for the entryway or foyer. It should also add character to your living room as a half moon accent table.


Half Moon Glass Console Table

A half moon glass console table tends to have a more modern look. It can also be more expensive with a glass table top but it does look more stylish in certain settings compared to a solely wood table. Furthermore, glass tables can have more varied designs to meet different preferences.

Half Moon Entry Table

Faux Marble Top Console Table in light cherry
Faux Marble Top Console Table in light cherry

This half moon entry table is unique with its light cherry finish and faux marble top. So, it looks stylish with a contemporary feel and it is certainly different from your usual wooden console tables. If you are looking for something a little different, this may be worth investigating further.


Fun Poll: Half Moon Or Rectangle?

The entryway or foyer of your house is normally pretty limited in space. You don't have much room to put in a piece of furniture and as such, people generally settle for a narrow rectangular console table or a half moon table there. So, what is your preferred choice?

Would you prefer a narrow rectangular console table or a half moon table for your foyer?

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