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How to select a Hardwood Floor Installation Crew

Updated on April 13, 2009

Tips and Questions for Selecting Your Hardwood Floor Installers

Dark woods, light woods, strips, planks and parquet – these are all part of the decision when make your mind up to have hardwood floors installed. In homes and offices in Atlanta hardwood floors are fast becoming a popular choice. But once you have decided what type, color(s) and pattern you want installed, you need to select a professional to install your floors. But how do you know who trust? After all, this is an important asset and you want it done correctly. With the help of the following hiring tips and questions you will soon be standing on your new hardwood floors.


1. Talk to your neighbors, family and co-workers and make a list of who they recommend. You should also talk to the sales associates at your home improvement stores.

2. Ask to see the hardwood floor installation crews worl license.

3. Be sure to get three estimates. Don’t be surprised if the installer’s room measurements are a bit higher than yours as they generally include a 10% overage to account for wood wasted through cutting.

4. Ask your perspective hardwood floor installer about the following:

a. Who moves the furniture?

b. Will the room be sealed off with plastic?

c. How will the edges of the room be dealt with? In many cases the installer can cut under pre-existing molding and add quarter round after the floor is installed

5. Don’t sign a contract until all the details have been explained and negotiated to your satisfaction.

6. Don’t make final payment until you are satisfied with the job.


1. How long will the job take?

2. Can you see pictures of previous jobs?

3. Who is responsible for getting the permit?

4. What type of guarantee and warranty is there on the work? Be sure to get these in writing.

Once you have secured a hardwood floor installer, you are on your way to an even more beautiful home. Of course, even with all your careful research for the right installer things can still go wrong, but don’t panic. Take some time to work through any problems – it will be worth it when you see the finished hardwood floor.



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