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Are Hardwood Floors Right for You?

Updated on April 13, 2009

Determining What Type of Hardwood Flooring Is Best For You

In today’s “go green” mentality, everyone is looking for ways to incorporate environmentally friendly products into their lifestyle, and in home decorating it is no different. For many home or business owners in Atlanta hardwood floors are fast becoming the floor covering of choice due to its elegance, ease of maintenance and environmentally friendly value.

As a home or business owner, you know that hardwood floors are easy to take care of as they only require basic things like sweeping and the occasional wood floor cleaner. You have done your homework and know that while the initial expense of hardwood flooring is high, you will save money by not needing to replace or repair your floor cover as you would with laminate, vinyl or carpet and that hardwood floors can withstand heavy traffic better than other types of coverings. However, maybe you don’t know what style or colors are best for you. To help, here are some suggestions for room by room colors for hardwood flooring:

· Home offices or bedrooms-Traditionally, offices will have darker floors, but bedrooms can go either way; it usually depends on what the colors and style of the room are.

· Formal living rooms, dining room, and den- Typically dark hardwood floors, and often combined with costumed inlays and patterns.

· Kitchen or Family Rooms- Due to high traffic in these rooms, it is not recommended to use dark hardwood, white or bleached hardwood. In addition, these rooms often require more maintenance due to high usage.

· Bathrooms-due to more frequent moisture exposure, it is not usually recommended to use hardwood floors here.

· Entry/Foyer- Since this is generally a more formal area, people often like to have inlays, and customized patterns installed here.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful alternative to carpet, adding warmth and welcome to your home. And, thanks to the many choices, you can create a hardwood floor that is perfect for your every need.



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