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Healthmate Saunas

Updated on September 17, 2014

Who Are Healthmate Saunas

Healthmate suanas are a company that specialize in high end saunas which make full advantage of the far infrared technology to give you the most pleasurable experience achievable through a home sauna. The company has been doing business since 1979 and continue to serve customers throughout the world.

What Do Healthmate Saunas Aim To Do For You

The sole purpose of Healthmate saunas are to provide their customers with the best sauna experience they can. They do this through using “far” infrared technology using M-tyope heating units. This is aimed at even heat distribution throughout the sauna which directs the heat directly to your body and not merely heating the enclosed environments air.

The even heat distribution will with their technology gets deep into your pores aiding your skin to detoxify even faster. Similar to the traditional bathing only with minimized health risks. Continuous studies were carried out and it is claimed that the patented technology was originally designed for government programs. So you can be sure that when doing business with healthmate saunas you are in the best hands in the business.

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Health Mate far infrared sauna on CBS Early Show

Healthmate sauna Advantages


Some of the advantages to using healthmate suanas will differentiate between users. This is due to people wanting different benefits from the sauna experience. Healthmate saunas have a solid business because they cater for the majority of people and have a sauna solution for your requirements. You may want to take advantage of modern technology to slow down the aging process if you are suffering from Arthiritis or any other joint pain. Or you may just wish to take control of your weight through using a sauna. Each model has different people catered for so you can be sure there is going to be one that meets your requirements. The health benefits are exponential when it comes to using the healthmate saunas.

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Health Mate far infrared sauna interview with Dr. Connealy

Health Mate far infrared sauna interview w/ nutritionist

Healthmate Saunas - Model HM-NSE-1-S

The HM-NSE-1-S is a one person sauna. This is the smallest of the healthmates sauna range and additionally the most cost effective model available. The sauna will plug into a standard power outlet. It's easy to assemble and is made of the finest of Western Red Cedar. In addition it comes with stereo jacks so you relax to your favorite music through your existing music system.

Healthmate Saunas Model - HM-NSE-2-CD

The HM-NSE-2-CD model from Healthmate saunas is an ideal solution when you want somewhere to relax in style with that special someone. It is built to accommodate 2 people. It is the larger size of the HM-NSE-1-S. The addition is that with this model you get the high quality CD player along with the integrated AM/FM stereo system. If you plan on relaxing yourself independently you this model will give you that extra room where you can relax in style and have plenty of stretch room.

Healthmate Saunas Model - HM-NSE-3-CD

The Healthmate Saunas Model - HM-NSE-3-CD is built to accommodate up to 3 people. It comes with it's own built in stereo so you can relax to your favorite music. Enjoying the extra leg room and also the addition of  an extra window on the front panel.

Healthmate Saunas Model HM-XSE-4-CD

The Healthmate Saunas Model HM-XSE-4-CD is the perfect fit for those looking for a relaxing place to chill with friends in this social suana. Easily accomadate up to 4 people giving you the perfect place to chill with a groupl of friends or your family where you can all benefit from the health perks that come with healthmate saunas. Fitted with benches that run along both side panels and across the back of the unit there is plenty of space for a group to relax in comfort. Also features its own integrated stereo system.

Healthmate Saunas Model HM-NSE-5-CD

The Healthmate Saunas Model HM-NSE-5-CD is the perfect fit if you require a family sized sauna where you can all enjoy the health benefits together. Offers a spacious environment where you can even lie down and unwind in style, while soaking up the benefits of using the healthmate sauna to keep you in great health from their "far" heating unit technology while unwinding to your favorite music with the integrated stereo.

Healthmate Sauas Model HM-CSE-3-CD

The Healthmate Sauas Model HM-CSE-3-CD is the newest addition to the healthmate saunas collection. This is the model is turning out to be one of the most prominent options for customers as it offers a great space saving design as it easily fits into the corner of any room. It's space saving corner unit design also boasts luxurious space inside as well. Beautiful lighting to the exterior to enhane any room it is placed in.

Healthamte Saunas Model HM-FSE-5-CD-SL

The Healthamte Saunas Model HM-FSE-5-CD-SL is the largest of the healthmates saunas collection. Easily accommodate up to 6 people which makes it perfect for families or even social gatherings, offering the perfect relaxation experience where you can relax with a group of people who can all enjoy the health perks from your cozy infrared sauna. Also has the option of using it as a 2 person sauna which will allow the use of reclining to enhance your experience.

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