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5 Easy to Grow Flowers You Can Eat!

Updated on April 5, 2016

Ever thought of eating flowers from your garden? Not only are these 5 garden plants good for bees, you can eat them too! And they’re easy to grow.


Marigolds are annuals that have daisy-like flowers and are a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden. They can be grown directly in soil where you want them, but sowing the seeds into trays in the greenhouse first means that you'll know exactly how many will germinate.

Marigold are edible and have been eaten for thousands of years. The petals are good to cook with or to add a bright dash of colour to a salad. The petals are tangy and peppery.

Chrysanthemum | Source


'Mums' are a perennial, and are variable in a wide number of colours. They are pretty hardy and grow best in light, dry and airy places, ideally with morning sun to dry the dew off them.

Only the petals are eaten. They have a range of flavours range from peppery to pungent. In Asia they are used to make tea.


Nasturtiums, once know as "Indian Cresses", have been a common salad ingredients for a long time, as well as being used in herbal medicines.

With their bright red, orange or yellow flowers they will grow in nearly every garden. As well as looking beautiful, they have a long season and are loved by bees. Both the leaves and flowers are great in salads or just as a garnish.


Nasturtiums should be sown in the Spring after the frosts. They can be grown almost anywhere:

  • Ground cover – sow the large seeds where you want them to grow for a colourful flower border.
  • As a climber – sow them at the bottom of some trellising or allow them to clamber up a shrub.
  • In a planter, wall or hanging basket – just pop a seed into the container for a wonderful flowing display.


Many lawns have clover in them so you may not even have to grow them – and they’re edible (provided you don’t use pesticides). Clover seeds should be planted close to the surface after the frost season.

They can be eaten raw, but are better boiled.

Clover | Source
Sunflower | Source


Sunflowers make a feature in the garden. Children always love to grow them - they are fascinated to watch a tiny seed grow into such a tall plant and the head follow the sun. They do need a sunny and sheltered spot to grow and they can also be started off in a small pot in a greenhouse or windowsill.

Once the flower heads die off, collect the seeds. They can be eaten, but remember to take the husks off. Alternatively the seeds can be collected to feed the birds over the winter.

Things to remember

Here are 3 tips to remember when eating flowers:

  • Eat flowers you know are edible - if you are uncertain, search the Internet to find out.
  • Eat flowers you have grown, or you know are safe - Flowers from florists, garden-centres, road-sides or farmer’s fields may have been treated with pesticides.
  • Eat only the petals (and leaves where you can) - remove centres and stamens before eating.


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