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Heating With Coal

Updated on February 25, 2013

Heating Your Home With Coal

Coal use in the home is on the rise. The fluctuating energy prices of the past half decade have proved to be a boom for the use of coal to heat residential homes. Over the last five years sales of both coal and coal burning furnaces and stoves have approached nearly a double digit rise in use and sales. Coal is abundant and cheap relative to oil and natural gas and for those joining the buy American movement coal is mined in numerous American states.

The advent of the internet has made it easy to find volumes of information about heating with coal, with just a quick search you can find out what is available in your part of the country. Types of coal and coal furnaces are frequently discussed in specialized forums and social networking has made it all the more easy to be informed.

Home Energy Usage

What is Your Primary Heating Source

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Top 10 Coal Producting States

This data is from Government records 2008 - figures are in "short tons" which have 2000 pounds per. Note most coal in the East comes from underground mining while most (except Colorado) from the west is obtained using strip mining or the art of scraping the surface away to find the coal. mining production report.

  1. Wyoming - 467,644
  2. West Virginia - 157,778
  3. Kentucky - 120,323
  4. Pennsylvania - 65,413
  5. Montana - 44,785
  6. Texas - 39,017
  7. Indiana - 35,893
  8. Illinois - 32,918
  9. Colorado - 32,029
  10. North Dakota - 29,627

Coal Saves Money

The cost of coal can be as low as 25% of oil or gas depending on the region of the country you live in

Getting and Delivering The Coal

I vividly remember stories of friends who delivered coal to houses when they were just out of high school. They would tell me of standing in train cars filled with frozen coal and how they would have to chop the coal loose with steel bar so it would go down the chutes into the huge storage bins. No sooner had the coal bins been filled then my friends would have to shovel it onto a conveyor belt to fill the dump truck for delivery and once they'd get to a home they'd have to push and shovel it again down the long chutes into the customers coal bin in the cellar. This was hard and dirty work and in the end all my friends decided to go to collage instead of spending another year shoveling coal, just think how hard the miners must work.

Which Way To Go - we need to travel down a new energy road.. what will it look like

Do You Think We Should Promote Using More Coal

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Energy Production From Coal

Energy Production From Coal
Energy Production From Coal

The Coal Bin...

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      Great Lens

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      Very good lens. Cool sounds like the way to go from this review. I didn't know that ND was a top coal producing state. Interesting.

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      Great review on heating with coal. Blessed by SquidAngel. You will be featured on Home and Garden SquidAngel.