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Heating With Electricity

Updated on February 25, 2013

Is Electric Heat Right For Your Home?

Some areas of North America are better suited for electric heat then others, the best areas have two things in common. Cost of the electricity generated and a mild climate work together to make heating with electricity a good choice for many homeowners. High cost of the electricity and a very cold climate can make for huge energy bills.

Heating with electricity peaked in North America in the 1950's and places like California jumped on the electric heat bandwagon with a program called Gold Medallion All Electric Homes. It was thought that having individual controls in each room that controlled the heat would say energy and money and while the cost of electric heat stayed low this was true but in the cold regions as cost climbed these all electric home were build less and less.

Many Choices

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What Happened To Cheap Electricity?

It was in the 1980's that saw the cost of heating with electricity rise nearly three times in some regions of North America.

Part of The Story

In the 1950s and 1960s Utilities and Politicians pushed the construction of Nuclear Energy with the slogan " Too Cheap To Meter" and most seemed to buy into this sales pitch. The truth was not even close to what was promised and for some areas like New Hampshire the cost of energy from Nuclear generation became some of the highest rates in the U.S. Nuclear power could be a larger part of the North American energy equation but it's important that all the cost are presented and debated before new plants are built.

Life Without Electricity Is Almost Unthinkable - It's Everywhere

Life Without Electricity Is Almost Unthinkable - It's Everywhere
Life Without Electricity Is Almost Unthinkable - It's Everywhere

The Hope of Green Heat

electric heat from green sources

Solar and Wind generation hold the promise of affordable and environmentally friendly electricity generation and in time it may even become cheaper then electricity generated from oil or natural gas. The more we invest in the growth of solar and wind the more efficient this type of electric power will become which may lead to lowered costs for homeowner and may once again make an all electric heating home the way to go.

More and more companies are sprouting up and joining the solar and wind generation business and along with the manufacturing sector there is also grow in the service sector as well. Many traditional plumbing and heating service providers are training their technicians in both service and sales of solar and wind products for the individual home owners, give your service provider a call or visit there website today for more information.

Electric Heat Lounge...

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