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Heating With Oil

Updated on November 4, 2013

Heating With Oil in Your Home

Heating your home with oil may seem like an old and dirty choice but with today's advances in oil furnace technology you just might be surprised at how efferent and clean things have become. The biggest decision is where to put the oil storage tank in your cellar, if the look of this huge tank bothers you then think about building a small room around it or just use an attractive set of panels to hide it.

I grew up with the cold winters of New England howling outside our doors and I will never forget that comforting sound of the oil burner made as it came to life quickly heating our home with forced hot air. I would always stand atop one of the floor registers letting the warm air envelop me in its toasty arms.

Oil Furnace Equipment

Boiling water and heating the air are the two main types of heating equipment that oil heating utilizes to keep your home warm. Which ever type of oil furnace you choose it is important to shop around for both price and for the all important efficiency rating which helps you figure out the true cost of owning a new furnace over time. Heating with oil may just be the perfect solution for you and your family.

An oil furnace uses a simple process to create heat. first a pump forces the oil through a filter and then it is sprayed into the furnace and ignited by electricity and burns in the combustion chamber. The gasses that are created are separated from the hot air and sent up the chimney, the hot air is sent to each floor of the house or in the case of using a boiler the hot water is sent to each floor through pipes.Heating with oil can be a great way to keep your home warm and toasty all winter long.

Staying Warm - when the icy wind blows, turn on the heat.. Brrrrrrr

How Do You Heat Your Home

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Magic Heat Reclaimer for Wood, Coal or Oil Heaters
Magic Heat Reclaimer for Wood, Coal or Oil Heaters

Installs into flue of your wood, oil or coal furnace or heater, except item #172781 which is only for use with gas stoves. Magic Heat Reclaimer consists of 10 heat-exchanger tubes and a thermostatically controlled fan to blow warmed air into the room.


Top 10 Oil Producing Countries - these numbers are for millions of barrels per day

Even as solar and wind take on a more prominent role, oil still is the gold standard in the energy business

  1. Saudi Arabia - 10.72
  2. Russia - 9.67
  3. United States - 8.37
  4. Iran - 4.12
  5. Mexico - 3.71
  6. China - 3.84
  7. Canada - 3.23
  8. United Arab Emirates - 2.94
  9. Venezuela - 2.81
  10. Norway - 2.79

Winter's cold breath drives people inside and builds togetherness

Home Heating With Oil

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Complete Guide To Residential Oil Heating

The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Heating 2nd Edition
The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Heating 2nd Edition

The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating is first and foremost; a training guide used in the home heating industry for training maintenance technicians. It contains over 80 pages of high quality detailed line drawings specifically to support classroom training.


Oil Heating Log...

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    • Zen Automat profile image

      Zen Automat 6 years ago

      @AmberSprad: If your furnace is already set for gas then oil may not save you any money over the cost of gas but if you are replacing your furnace then it is a good time to chat with your service person to find out about costs. Coal seems to be the cheapest at the moment.

    • profile image

      AmberSprad 6 years ago

      I never thought of using oil to heat my home. I am currently using natural gas. Is oil more efficient? I learned how to save money with mu furnace at this heating and cooling site. Is using oil also a way to save money on my heating bill?