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Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

Updated on August 19, 2014

Need a Heavy Duty Electric Stapler?

Some of us find ourselves putting together pages and pages of information that really challenges the average stapler. Or perhaps we just handle a lot of stapling volume. In these situations, the average stapler fails to meet our needs. Heavy duty electric staplers are the answer.

For those who have heavier tasks that require stapling into cardboard, wood, drywall, carpeting, or something similar perhaps a heavy duty electric staple gun is the better answer.

Either way, this page will get you headed in the right direction.

photo by Powerbooktrance.


About Heavy Duty Electric Staplers

As compared to manual staplers, electric models add speed, ease, and the ability to staple with one hand. Many staplers do a great job of attaching a few sheets of paper together. But if you're using heavy paper or more than 10 or 12 sheets, the job becomes difficult and sometimes impossible. However, heavy duty electric staplers are great for handling those situations when you have more volume and heavier stapling needs.

When you decide to shop for an electric stapler you want to consider a few things including:

Sheet capacity. Know the type of work you want the stapler to do. Some can handle 20 sheets, 40 sheets, 80 sheets, or more. If you're putting together bulky reports, lengthy handouts, and so forth, you'll need a stapler that can do the job cleanly and consistently. Cord length. In some work areas, you'll be limited as to where you can locate the stapler, so be sure the cord will reach from the outlet to the work station. Throat depth, positioning, and so forth. If you want to be able to vary where you staple things, those adjustment have to available on the stapler, otherwise all your documents will be stapled in the same fashion and in the same position.

Cartridge size. If you work in a high volume situation you'll want to know how many staples can be loaded so that you aren't constantly having to re-load. Of course having an indicator light to signal when the device is getting low on staples is handy too.

Warranty. Some are for 90 days, some for a year, and others for 2 years.

Other technical considerations. Clearly the motor is important but it's difficult to get detailed information regarding this. Looking for quiet operation or one that handles high volume (whichever is most important to you) is recommended. Clinch staplers tend to do the best job as far as keeping your work neat, tidy, and compact.

Convenience features. Things like anti-jam technology, low staple indicator lights, a built-in staple remover, and so forth are nice to have while an adjustable guide and feeds can keep things organized.

Find a Heavy Duty Electric Stapler for the Office

5080 Heavy-Duty Flat Clinch Stapler, for up to 80 Sheets, Black (HUN90147)
5080 Heavy-Duty Flat Clinch Stapler, for up to 80 Sheets, Black (HUN90147)

This device can staple as many as 80 sheets of paper together. It has a 5,000 staple cartridge, adjustable throat depth and an 8 1/2 ft. power cord.


Heavy Duty Electric Staplers for Non-Office Work

What if you want an electric stapler for heavy work? Say for instance, you're an artist and want to attach canvas to a frame. Or maybe you want to attach fabric to a wooden seat or secure trim around a cabinet door. Certainly even a heavy duty electric stapler built for office work would have trouble handling the job.

In these instances, electric staple guns are a better choice.

A manual staple gun offers a smaller, more affordable option, but electric staplers can get the job done more quickly and with less physical effort and fatique. Clearly, if you have a lot of this type of work, a heavy duty electric stapler is the way to go.

Of course for professionals who build houses and need optimum power to shingle a roof and so forth, a pneumatic staple gun is better suited to the job, but for the rest of us electric staple guns are sufficient and save the expense and complexity of using an air compressor to run it.

When you consider the type of work you want an electric staple gun to do, the following are things to look at when choosing:

Power to get the job done Cord length Safety features (such as something to assure it doesn't jam and a lock for when it's not in use) Staple size (availability and cost of those staples as well as their suitability for your projects) Warranty Other convenience features (such as a window or indicator to let you know when staples are getting low) Special needs of the user (for instance, if a lighter weight device is needed this should be considered)


Electric Staple Guns Require Caution

Electric staple guns (as well as the pneumatic staple guns) require you to take some precautions when using them. They are a power tool and they shoot out staples with a lot of force. Be sure to wear eye protection, turn them off and lock them when not in use. Keep them away from kids and keep them in good repair.

Always be sure the gun is firmly on the surface you are stapling when you trigger it and never point it toward yourself or anyone else.

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      This is a really helpful introduction to electric staplers. Good job!