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Beautiful Hello Kitty Bedroom Décor Ideas for a Girl

Updated on September 22, 2016

Ever since I was a little kid up until today, I have been absolutely crazy about Hello Kitty. I have it all: a set of mugs, a big pile of cuddly plushies, a load of colorful bedding and all sorts of other Sanrio merchandise with which to celebrate my love!

One thing that I'm looking into in order to bring my fandom up to a new level is to decorate my room in this super kitsch style (once I convince my boyfriend to agree to it!), so I've been browsing the internet for lots of cute Hello Kitty bedroom décor. I though I'd share some of my favorite finds with all of you so you can decorate your perfect bedroom too! I hope you enjoy this post and find some stuff that you love. Lets get started!

Start with some Beautiful Hello Kitty Bedding...


First of all, any bedroom needs some cute bedding to act as the centerpiece of the room and ensure that you drift off into sweet dreams every night! There is a ton of bedding choices out there, in many different colors and styles. If you want a soft, elegant and feminine piece of bedding, I highly recommend the beautiful candy floss pink and animal print themed bedding featured above. It is truly something special - I especially like the little strawberries! Each set of this lovely bedding comes with a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and two matching pillow cases.

Here's another cute style of bedding for you to check out: funky pieces characterized by their fun assortment of pictures, textures and patterns which create a unique and fun feel that I just love. The bedding set on the right in is the most popular piece out there, and you can see why: it's so bold and colorful!


Hello Kitty bedding isn't all pink, pink and all pink - there are plenty of different colors and styles out there that you can match with some very unusual decor. Red, white and blue is actually a very popular color scheme for all of you with a patriotic bent out there, which is why I've included the bold and bright Hello Kitty bedding above. Each set of this bedding comes with the duvet, a bed sheet and two matching pillow cases.


Some kids like the novel and the unusual, and the incredible giant sized Hello Kitty mattress pillow which the beautiful pattern above will create certainly fits the bill. If you have a large bedroom, this would make a wonderful gift for girls who have a lot of sleepovers, otherwise it can be used as a normal bed mattress or entirely instead of a bed frame. It's quite a big DIY project, so make sure you have the time to get it done, but once its done you'll have saved a fair bit of money and have a truly unique bedding alternative.

Add some Hello Kitty Pillows and Cushions to the Mix...

Hello Kitty decorative pillows and cushions make the perfect bedroom décor (as well as great birthday and Christmas gifts!) as they are a quick and easy way to immediately establish the theme of a room and fill in empty space.

You can even use them with your existing sheets to make your bed look incredible without having to buy a whole set of themed bedding, so they make good budget pieces too! The best thing is they come in all shapes, styles and sizes, from classic square ones, to life sized kitties, to big huggable plush kitty faces. Here are some of the cutest!


If you are looking for some unique pillows and cushions to decorate your new bed and sofa but what them to be unique and special, you should check out Etsy! Etsy is home to thousands of handcrafted items for decorating your home, and there is a beautiful range of Hello Kitty pillows.

If you have some time on your hands, why not make your very own Hello Kitty pillow? Making decorations yourself adds an especially personal touch to the room, and can save you money as well. Above is a fun and easy to follow tutorial which will teach you how to make an adorable Hello Kitty cushion. You can mix and match patterns, colors and styles to your heart's content and make some really unique decor.

Decorate Your Wall with some Hello Kitty Wall Decals

If you are painting your walls, the obvious color to go for is pink, but don't be afraid to venture out into the unusual! The theme can work wonders with all sorts of colors, from pastel purples and yellows to deep reds and navy blues. Get yourself a few paint samples and experiment but settling on a color.

Empty walls can leave your room feeling a little bare, so it's a great idea to make sure you have some pretty wall art to add a kitsch flair to those blank spaces. One particular type of wall art that I highly recommend are decals - they are simply to apply and they don't leave any sticky marks when you take them off. There are many different types of Hello Kitty decal available (the one above is my favorite), from giant character decals to mega-packs with many smaller decals inside. Plain heart, flower and other feminine decals also work very well in combination with Hello Kitty decor, so mix and match!


Hello Kitty poster and canvas art is also reasonably common, especially on Etsy. Etsy is a great site for this kind of thing, as many of the pieces sold there are fan designed, hand made and frequently completely one of a kind. Plus, the stock is always changing so you can always find something you. My favorite at the moment is the cool graffiti style Hello Kitty poster above. The bright, punky colors are really eye catching and bring a lot of fun energy into a room.

If you are up for a bit of arts and crafts, you can save a lot of money by decorating your walls with stuff you have just lying about the house! For example, why not arrange all of your photos of you and your friends into a big kitty shape on the wall, like in the video above? It looks really cute! The same principle applies to painting the shape on the wall: I would recommend making a large stencil out of paper with the shape you want cut out of it, securing it to the wall and going wild with your favorite color wall paint.

You can Even Add Hello Kitty Furniture!

Hello Kitty 3-Piece Toddler Sofa Set
Hello Kitty 3-Piece Toddler Sofa Set

Every Hello Kitty bedroom needs some cute furniture to finish of the look. This pretty three piece sofa, chair and ottoman set is perfect for any Hello Kitty fan who loves beautiful colors and musical notes, and it's easy to match with the other décor on this page, especially the Peace Kitty bedding and curtains which have a similar rainbow motif. This furniture is made of soft, comfortable an easy to clean fabric that any little girl is sure to adore. Why not treat a Sanrio fan in your life to this special treat?

That said, if you are on a budget there is no real need to go out and buy a load of new furniture. It's actually easier than you might think to completely revamp your existing furniture with a lick of pink or white paint to make it match the Hello Kitty theme! Check out the tutorial above for a quick how-to to get your started. Make sure you have a big space to work in and a lot of newspaper to lay down, though, because it's going to get messy! That is part of the fun I think.

Light Up Your Life with Hello Kitty Lighting


Every bedroom needs some lighting, and one thing I always like to recommend for girls' bedrooms is string lights! They are a very under used but incredibly unique and gorgeous looking decoration for any bedroom, and for this theme you can even get string lights shaped like Hello Kitty! That's pretty cool if you ask me. These are very versatile too: you can hang them around the walls, on your mantelpiece, over windowsills and bedframes - whatever you like.


Hello Kitty nightlights are a cute gift and bedroom decor accessory for younger kids who have trouble getting to sleep at night. On the right is one such nightlight, with a sweet little pink and white lamp shade decoration.

For another great DIY project to add a bit of flair to your bedroom, why not make yourself a Hello Kitty head lantern? This is quite a versatile piece of decor, as you can use it as a lamp or ceiling light shade, or your have it as a free hanging piece of ceiling or wall decor. Pretty cool!

Finish off the Look with some Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom Accessories

Lastly, you'll want to finish off your bedroom with some Hello Kitty themed accessories, such as rugs, curtains, figurines, clocks - your imagination is really the only limit here. Just make sure everything looks sweet and homely! The amazing face rug above is a best seller, and it is easy to see why it is so sought after, with its soft material and adorable little stare. I highly recommend it!


Curtains that match this theme are very common, and often times bedding sets have curtains that specifically match them, so always check if you can't get yourself a bundle when you buy bedding! If you want to buy curtains separately, I recommend either going for official drapes or pairing plain pink curtains or blinds with a pretty window valence like the one above. Valences look particularly beautiful and serene during the spring and summer!

DIY Hello Kitty Bedroom Decor Ideas

As I said earlier, you can save yourself a fair amount of money by creating your own Hello Kitty bedroom décor. Every girl should have a big pile of plushies in her bedroom, and there are a number of guides available online to help you create your very own! My personal favorite is the plushie video tutorial featured above. Check it out!

Even your desk can be given a Hello Kitty make over, from themed pencil cases, decals for your laptop and desktop computer, and even a DIY Hello Kitty mousepad like the one above!

Here's another fun DIY décor idea: a cute Hello Kitty decorative plaque made with lots of glitter! This is a very easy piece of arts and crafts to pull off, but make sure you lay some newspaper down while you are making it because all of that glitter can be messy. Also, be prepared to find glitter in random places for weeks afterwards. Glitter is sneaky like that.

Happy Decorating!

There you go! That was my quick guide to decorating a Hello Kitty themed bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and have a lot of fun putting it all together. If you enjoyed this page and would like to see more, be sure to check out my blog for all of the best themed bedroom ideas on the net! See ya!

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