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Hello Kitty Chairs and Room Decor

Updated on August 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Chairs

A Hello Kitty Chair is the perfect gift for your growing baby girl. She will fall in love with the cute recognizable kitty dressed in pretty pink. I am the mother of twin girlâs. I have always enjoyed buying things for my girls that we can all love.

I can remember my first Hello Kitty note pad I had in elementary school. It is one of my fondest memories of having something simple and pink as a child. I couldnât wait for my girlâs to start creating those same memories.

Here you will find the best Hello Kitty armchairs, folding chairs, sofas and table and chair sets. I have also included some amazing Hello Kitty furniture and room décor. Buy your daughter a Hello Kitty chair and watch the expression on her face as she opens up the box to her very first recliner.

Buy Hello Kitty Icon Chair at

Hello Kitty Deluxe Rocking Chair, LavenderCHECK PRICE

I never had a child’s chair when I was growing up. I remember my brother and me throwing the couch pillows on the floor and creating tents with sheets, boxes and anything my mother would let us get our hands on. We always found a way to create secret hide a ways and reading nooks. It’s amazing to see all the furniture and décor available to decorate children’s rooms today.

I am guilty of buying my children chairs, table and chair sets and all of the cute things you see in parent magazines. I do my best not do go overboard but the look on the girls’ faces when they opened up their very own rocking recliners was priceless and I do feel they have been well worth the money. They are well built and I will sell them once my children out grow them. My husband and I purchased Disney Princess Chairs for the girl’s when they were turning two and they can still sit and read in them now and they are almost four.

I’m presenting you with a variety of Hello Kitty chairs because one of my daughters absolutely loves her. They have gone through so many phased in the past couple of months so we have just about every princess, Disney character, puppy and kitty character you can think of, in our home.

Hello Kitty ArmchairCHECK PRICE

Hello Kitty Toddler Sofa, Chair and Ottoman Set, LavenderCHECK PRICE


Hello Kitty Music Notes ChairCHECK PRICE


Hello Kitty Furniture - Hello Kitty Bedroom

Create the Hello Kitty bedroom you have always dreamed of with this amazing Hello Kitty furniture set. This is a complete bedroom set, perfect for a little girl or teenager. The Hello Kitty furniture set includes a twin bed, dresser, mirror and nightstand. Some pieces are also sold separately.

Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding - Hello Kitty Toddler Bed Set

Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding
Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding

Pink Bedroom Ideas

KidKraft Hello Kitty Princess Table & Chair SetCHECK PRICE

Hello Kitty Folding Chairs - Hello Kitty Patio Chairs

Your little girl can take Hello Kitty with her any where she goes. A Hello Kitty folding chair is perfect for a day at the beach, a night at a fire works display or a trip to grandma's house.

Hello Kitty Toy Box, LavenderCHECK PRICE

Hello Kitty Toy BoxCHECK PRICE

Hello Kitty Toy BoxCHECK PRICE


Wouldn't You Love to Have a Hello Kitty Chair

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