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High Leg Recliners

Updated on April 18, 2013

High Leg Recliners Are Classy & Elegant

I believe that the high leg recliners are a bit classier than many of the other types of recliners. Not in every instance, but in most instances.

I've picked some nice styles to showcase here that I believe you'll enjoy. You can place one or more of these in any room of your home to add elegance and interest to your decor.

Along with looking good, a reclining chair is comfortable. You can kick back, relax and read a good book or watch TV or your favorite movie!

Image: Rustic Canyon Wilkins Living Room High Leg Recliner

Klaussner Gabby High Leg Reclining Chair, WalnutCHECK PRICE

High Leg Recliners Are Cool!

Many people have the low recliners, which is fine, but if you want something a bit different from the everyday furniture styles, try a high leg reclining chair for a change of pace!

You can match the wood frame (if applicable) to other wood in your room, and match the fabric to others.

High Leg Recliners

Flash Furniture Traditional Tobacco Fabric Tufted Hi-Leg Recliner
Flash Furniture Traditional Tobacco Fabric Tufted Hi-Leg Recliner

This has a gorgeous paisley design that is not loud or obtrusive. Very elegant indeed!

Flash Furniture Traditional Reflections Nugget Chenille Hi-Leg Recliner
Flash Furniture Traditional Reflections Nugget Chenille Hi-Leg Recliner

Chenille is some of my favorite fabric, and this beige color is nice and light!

"Famous Collection" -BrownRust ic High Recliner by "Famous Brand" Furniture
"Famous Collection" -BrownRust ic High Recliner by "Famous Brand" Furniture

A bold, rustic look makes this chair very eye-appealing.


Positive Points Of a High Leg Recliner

  1. You can clean easily under the chair without moving it out.
  2. I someone drops something under your chair, it's easy to get the item.
  3. Pets often fling toys under things...with a high leg recliner they or you can access toys, bones and so on easily.
  4. They look nice in your home.
  5. They give the area a more open look and feel.

Two Lovely Reclining Chairs with High Legs

I really like both of these high leg recliners! They look comfortable and are very stylish. They will look great in a living room, family room, man cave and so on. Wherever you place one of these lovely chairs, they will add nice design to that room!

Gabby Leather ReclinerCHECK PRICE

Chocolate High Leg ReclinerCHECK PRICE

Which Style Is Your Preference?

Do you prefer the low leg or high leg reclining chairs?

Contemporary High Leg Push Back Recliner in Brown by Coaster

Features of this gorgeous high leg recliner include a plush padded seat back for comfort and relaxation and a smooth upholstered cushion with a pop-out footrest so you can relax in style.

680 Series Vinyl Reclining Executive Chair Black Vinyl

Here is a high leg reclining chair for your office! Whether you have a home office or you want a comfy chair for your office away from home, this is a nice choice! Sometimes you need to elevate your legs to help reduce pain and swelling, but you might not have access to other furniture that will allow you to do that, but with this chair you can easily recline in comfort and style. This is a nice addition to any office.

680 Reclining Office Chair
680 Reclining Office Chair

Available in black and a pretty dark red vinyl.


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