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High Pressure Hose Nozzle

Updated on March 29, 2016

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is fast approaching and that means that a lot of us are getting ready for spring cleaning. Some love spring cleaning and others aren't as fond of it. No matter where you fall on this spectrum it still needs to be done if you are a homeowner and want to keep your house looking nice and have a fresh clean start this spring into summer.

After months of snow and weather that seems to make everything dirty there are some areas of your home that need some good cleaning. There are a few that are inside and a few that are outside. Your home may not be the only thing in need of a cleaning either!

If you are looking to clean your garage, the outside of your home, car pots, gutters on the roof or sidewalks, sheds, etc then a high pressure hose nozzle may be the best solution for you. Cleaning things off with water seems to be the quickest and best solutions at times. Be careful to plan well so that you don't waste a lot of water in the process, of course.

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High Pressure Hose Nozzle

If you are still reading then I assume you fall into the category, like I do, of needing to get the spring cleaning started sooner rather than later. I fall into the category of needing to clean the outside of my house, patio, and house. I just recently made a home purchase and will be moving in this spring. Nothing sounds better than moving into a home that is clean both inside and outside.

I've been contemplating how I'm going to clean out the garage and patio mostly. I hate using a broom or leaf blower because it puts so much into the air that makes me sneeze for days to come. I wanted to find a way that would still allow me to get the job done but without the difficulty of breathing and feeling like I won't make it another day because of allergies. If you're like me and dust and general allergies tend to come during the spring, then an alternate method other than a broom or leaf blower may be in your best interest like me.

I've decided I need to get a high pressure hose nozzle to help me out this year. As I've researched these tools I've thought of a lot of different reasons why it would be a good buy for me.

Here are some of my reasons:
- Clean the garage
- Clean the patio
- Clean tires
- Clean side of house
- Work on oil stains/stains in general
- Water hard to reach places in the yard/garden

Impact of High Pressure Hose Nozzle

My thoughts are that my reasons justify the purchase. You can get some decently priced high pressure hose nozzles out there on different sites like Amazon or eBay. Personally I like to read the reviews that I can easy find on Amazon before making a purchase. There cheap ones, more expensive, and beyond expensive nozzles. In the end you have to find something that will fit your budget and also allow you to reach your goals of getting your jobs done.

There are also a ton of different nozzles. You can get a basic one that will give you some pressure but will also allow you to change up the nozzle so that you can also water your grass, flowers, etc. You could go all out and get a really high pressure hose nozzle, like a power washer, that will definitely get the job started, and hopefully finished, with those stains in the garage or on the house.

Use a High Pressure Hose Nozzle to Water Plants/Grass


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