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High Wheel Garden Cultivator

Updated on March 27, 2011

High Wheel Cultivators

Boy this brings back memories! When I was kid, my Grandmother had one of these High Wheel Cultivators,and let me tell you, she knew how to work that thing. She would go out in the morning after the sun came up and start pushing the cultivator through the rows of vegetables. Back then we had a large garden, and she, and my mom and dad would plant it full.

Despite my dad assuring her that we had plenty of room, she would still plant the rows close together, to get more in it. My Grandmother lived through the Great Depression and did not waste anything. Whether the vegetables were frozen or canned in jars, she worked my mom tirelessly to get save every single thing that came from that garden.

We had a gas powered tiller, but sometimes she planted the rows so close together that tiller would not fit in between the plants. That is where the good old high wheel cultivator came in! Of course, at that time we just called it a cultivator, and if you were the one on the business end of it, you might have even called it something else that was not nice.

I guess that was unfair, but when you are 12 or so you might have the same skill set as a seasoned pro. This in turn, can cause you to work way to hard struggling with it. As the years go by you might realize that it was you, and not the cultivator that caused hard work.

Wooden High Wheel Cultivator

This one is like the my Grandmother had. I had that thing for years, until it got left behind in a move. I still kick myself for losing that thing, not only because it was my Grandmother's, but because it was a useful tool. It was so old that the wooden handles finally rotted away and were replace by metal tubing that my dad had welded on it.

The addition of the metal tubing made it much heavier because my dad believes in building things to last forever. Okay, maybe he goes a little overboard, but you never had to worry about breaking anything.

Anyway, the wooden handles to me were much more comfortable than the metal.

Earthway Tubular Steel Cultivator

I am sure these steel handles are not as heavy as the ones my dad made. This one even has nice rubber

I was a little confused at the products description on Amazon, but believe it has a three position handle adjustment, and the depth of the implements adjust as well. Some of the reviews for this one were not as positive as the ones with wooden handles.

I personally like the wooden handles. Though in twenty to thirty years you may have replace them. I don't know, my Grandmother's lasted a long time, but the quality might not be as good today. I think manufactures get in such a hurry to produce things quickly, that quality may not be their first priority.

This is an interesting article.
This is an interesting article.

Moldboard Plow

Of course your's won't be near this big.

I my quest to give you as much information as I can about high wheel cultivators, I have been unable to find pictures of the implements that come with them. Most of these models come with three implements. An implement is another word for accessory when it comes to farm equipment.

A moldboard plow is desigend to cut through and turn over the soil.

If all this sounds like a little too much, check out my other lens about Garden Cultivators

Horse Drawn Furrow Plow
Horse Drawn Furrow Plow

Furrow Plow

Again, these are just examples

A furrow is a long narrow ditch in which you plant your seeds. A furrow plow allows you to cut this ditch in your garden. When you attach the plow to your cultivator you can then push it along and make a furrow, or a row for your seeds.

As you can see a furrow plow has two sides that channel the dirt away from the center. Unlike a moldboard plow which has one side that rolls the dirt over.

Three Tine Cultivator
Three Tine Cultivator

Five Tine Cultivator

This only a 3 tine cultivator, but it was a good picture.

A cultivator is used to break up and loosen the soil. It gets rid a small weeds and keeps the dirt loose. The five tine cultivator will probably be your most used implement for your cultivator. It can be easily pushed down narrow rows to help your garden grow.

So, now you have it. These are the three implements that come with a high wheel cultivator.

High Wheel Cultivator

High Wheel Cultivator in White
High Wheel Cultivator in White

This one comes in a sporty silver color. If you look closely you can see that the handles on this extend in front of the axle, this is designed to give you more leverage as you push. It comes with a furrow plow, moldboard plow and five tine cultivator attachements.


Please Leave Any Questions or Comments! - Are you planning on starting a garden this year?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      These High wheel cultivators just look the right thing for a robust garden, I had not heard of it before.