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Home Décor: Venetian Style Wall Mask Sculptures

Updated on August 3, 2012

Sculptured wall masks for home décor

Venetian style carnival masks are famous and this page features a beautiful selection of sculpted masks that make wonderful eye-catching home décor accents. Equally famous are flamboyant Mardi Gras wall masks which are also displayed here. If you would like to introduce a carnival feel to your home, one or more of these make a stunning display. Give a room a festival flair with a beautifully sculpted wall mask.

These pieces of wall art are favorites among collectors too so if you know someone with a budding collection you will find another to add to it on this page. Scroll through to enjoy the selection gathered together here for your pleasure - who knows it may inspire you to start your own collection!

Image credit courtsey of Amazon: Featured here: Venetian style wall mask. You can buy this sculpture online by clicking the link.

Wall decor: sculptured mask - Venetian style wall mask for sale

Venetian Carnival Wall Mask with Pink Hat and Pink Feathers

19" Italian Venetian Carnival Masquerade Wall Mask Décor

Set of 2

Venetian Carnival Wall Mask/Red/Gold/Fanning Headdress

21" Italian

Venetian Carnival

Wall Sculpture

Decor Statue

The history of Venetian masks - the carnival of Venice

Mardi Gras, Martedi Grasso, Shrove Tuesday, Carnevale di Venezia - they all have their beginnings in religious foundations. Each of the festivals mark the period leading up to Lent, that period in many religions when people do not eat meat, dairy products or eggs. In Venice the annual carnival continues in popularity and it is marked by the wearing of elaborate masquerade masks.

The first mention of the use of disguising masks has been found in records dating back to 1092. Then in 1268 you find legal documentation banning the use of masks by debauched nobility who disguised themselves with masks as they threw scented eggs at ladies in the street.

From that date to now the carnival has grown in popularity with ever increasingly elaborate masks and costumes in evidence as people party before the abstinence during the forty days of Lent.

If you are interested in leaving more about the masks and costumes in the Carnival of Venice - there are lots of interesting online sources to explore.

Brass wall mask sculpture - metal wall art for sale

13 inch Decorative Wall Plaque Jester Mask Objet D'Art Collectible

12.25 inch Intricate Dragonfly Mask Wall Plaque Décor Gift Objet d'Art

12.5 inch Arabian Mask Wall Plaque Turban Décor Collectible Gift

11.25 inch Owl Mask Wall Plaque Multicolor Collectible Display Gift

13.5 inch Peacock Feather Mask Wall Plaque Décor Collectible Gift

Carnival mask sculpture - wall sculptures for home decor

Art Deco Venetian wall mask - Art Deco wall art

Green Lady Feather Face Mask Porcelain Wall Art Decor Designer

Brazilian Festival Venetian Mardi Gras Wall Mask Sculpture Décor

ON SALE! Maidens of Mardi Gras Wall Mask Sculpture:

Butterfly Maiden

History of Mardi Gras masks

An integral part of any Mardi Gras parade or party are the masks. As mentioned above, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday dates back centuries and is thought to be to use up all those delicacies people are denied through Lent. Masks were originally used to disguise the people wearing them as they indulged in passionate persuits of the carnival. Certainly the wearing of masks lend an air of mystery and intrigue but they also allow a degree of anonymity that allows a loosening of usual behaviour patterns. Today, as is evident from the wonderful Mardi Gras parades around the world, the masks are ever more elaborate.

You can find more information online - these are 5 links to get you started.

Art Deco wall art - beautiful mask sculpture for sale

Carnival wall mask - carnival home decor idea

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      These masks look lovely, they will really look great on the wall.