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Home Décor: Lighthouse Theme

Updated on October 15, 2014

Light up Your Life with a Lighthouse

Enjoy your surroundings when you light up your life with a lighthouse.
Enjoy your surroundings when you light up your life with a lighthouse. | Source

Lighthouse Theme Home Décor Ideas

There has always been something special about lighthouses. No matter where they may be there are people around them who love them. Some of them are still in use, while others stand lonely near some large body of water.

I love the way they look and the atmosphere around them.

You can find some enchanting items to decorate any room in your home whether you live by the sea or not. If you do not live near a lovely beach scene, you can create your own at home or in your office by using all sorts of interesting items.

Gifts & Decor Lighthouse Blue Sky Framed Oval Wall Mirror
Gifts & Decor Lighthouse Blue Sky Framed Oval Wall Mirror

Imagine your reflection from this lovely and colorful light house mirror.


Lighthouses are Inspirational

...follow your inspiration while decorating your home...

Lighthouses have a long history and a deep rich romantic nature that is especially endearing to those who love them. They have always been an inspiration and they inspire many different things. They offer a refreshing and free-spirited atmosphere as well as having a grounding effect. They inspire all sorts of feelings and memories for many people.

There is something very special about these uniquely shaped foundations and structures. They are rugged and strong, yet so quite and romantic. How can anyone not enjoy the way they look and feel?


Decorating with Lighthouses

Some people enjoy light houses so much that it seems like a love story between them. May be this is because they can make you feel young and old all at the same time. There is just something about the way they look, their original purpose and the feelings they help produce.

It is no wonder that they are so popular with so many people. I suppose it is because they are such and interesting structure. They make people wish they could live in such a house. Such a love can inspire us to make use of them to decorate the home or office we live in and use daily.

Do you love lighthouses? Many people all over the world do. If you do, you are not alone since, these structures are some of the most interesting and popular type of home décor motifs. Men and women alike love to display them.

Interestingly, you can use them to decorate your home. They are lovely no matter which room of your home you choose to decorate. Creating a fun, breezy and carefree atmosphere is very easy to do when you love the feeling of living by the sea and listening to the crashing sounds of the waves against the shore.

For instance, you can decorate any room in your home or office with these adorable little structures. You can hang curtains, lay out tablecloths, add some salt and pepper shakers to your kitchen table or even a set of canisters if you like. All these things may display your favorite by the sea motifs, and then you can add some interesting accents by including some interesting seashells and other beach theme items.

Here are some of the unique and interesting items that have caught my eye while searching for home décor ideas online.


I like the idea of a light house birdhouse. I bet the birds will love it too.


Lighthouses Online - ...lovely light houses to decorate your home and garden...

Amazon has some really great deals on some lovely items you can use to decorate your home and garden.

Home Decor Light-houses Online - to win an auction on eBay...

You can find some really interesting and unique light-houses online today to help set the atmosphere you are creating at home. Check out some of these great items on eBay and then place a bid to win them for your very own.

Lighthouse Videos

Gifts & Decor Lookout Lighthouse Figural Votive Candleholder Lamp
Gifts & Decor Lookout Lighthouse Figural Votive Candleholder Lamp

Use light house candle holder lamps to help you enhance the atmosphere you are creating at home.


What do You Think about Lighthouse Home Decor?

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  • karen-stephens profile image


    6 years ago

    You are right. Very special. Great ideas. Angel Blessings! xxo

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    As you can probably tell from my pic I love love love light houses and have decorated with them thru out my whole house, but mostly in the kitchen. I do have a lighthouse in every room though. I also make hand crafted light house switch plates and sell them at check it out.

  • MarilynThompson profile image

    Marilyn Thompson 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    Love lighthouses, plan to decorate the guest bathroom one day with a lighthouse theme.

  • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

    Sara Valor 

    7 years ago from Breezy Hills

    @WindyWintersHubs: Hi Windy, I think they have a bit of a romantic presents along with the mysterious character. Thanks for visiting my home décor lighthouses lens...

  • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

    Sara Valor 

    7 years ago from Breezy Hills

    @anonymous: Hi Fancy4u, thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed the visit...

  • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

    Sara Valor 

    7 years ago from Breezy Hills

    @Gail47: Hi Gail, thanks for visiting my home décor lighthouse theme lens and spreading some angel dust about...

  • WindyWintersHubs profile image


    7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

    I love your display. It's so peaceful and relaxing. Lighthouses have such character and a bit of mystery!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    interesting theme with a lot of great content, i enjoyed viewing this lens!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Beautiful!!! I love lighthouses. I'm from Michigan and my mom and I traveled around the Michigan coastline one year, stopping at numerous lighthouses and taking pictures for a school project (she was a 2nd grade teacher). What a blast. Loved being up close to so many of the beautiful lighthouses. Spreading angel dust today!!!


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