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home improvement good for the soul

Updated on October 13, 2013

Lawn Care – Mind, Body, and Soul Time

Okay so you put off those do it yourself household projects that you need to tackle. Trimming the hedges, removing limbs from a small tree, or perhaps planting some flowers. Then you decide this Saturday you decide this weekend you will dedicate time to making improvements around the house.

Perhaps while watching or influenced by the following:

1. hgtv (,

2. home depot demonstration (


3.pinterest (; you decide now is the time for you to make changes to your home.

As you make your homedepot, lowes, or ace hardware store run you begin to get excited about “getting this out of the way.” You put on your old jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. For the ladies, you put your hair in a ponytail and remove all makeup because you are able to engage in serious work.

You begin your home improvement project and then something magical happens. You enjoy the sun and energy that nature provides. You are not distracted with television or errands. You are engaged in your home improvement project from start to finish. There you are, not glamorous, but engulfed in the yard work in your favorite horrible jeans that you don't mind getting dirty.

While you are taking your time engaging in your home improvement activity you observe your neighborhood functioning. Neighbors coming in and out of their homes and you have the opportunity to waive hello and speak without rushing. You enjoy the endorphins from this activity in a way that most workouts can't provide. You are stretching, bending, and moving in ways that you can't imagine without thought. While fueled by the desire of accomplishment, you can work for hours feeling a sense of purpose with the desire to improve your home. You won't feel the effects, a.k.a. aches, until much later.

The magic that happens when you are working in your yard is the result of tranquility coupled with the absence of distraction. You aren't tuned into the television but tuned into your activities: taking some time to enjoy nature. You are at peace and without distraction. You have time to think about your life, career choices, future, loved ones, or whatever else that is drowned out by the “noise” and “distractions” of society. Suddenly choices and actions for your most serious concerns become crystal clear. You have time to hear yourself think and consider choices that will benefit your life.

The end effect: after all those bites, from those invisible insects, is a wonderful experience that takes place. You feel a sense of accomplishment and take pride in the fruits of your labor. It if fulfilling to take on a project and be part of a transformation. There is a sense of accomplishment, when completing a home project, that makes you feel great!

So don't put off your garden work. In addition to beautifying your home you gain a sense of peace, tranquility, and strategies to improve your life.

The lasting effect on your neighbors and neighborhood is that you inspire others to make changes and engage in home improvement projects that add to the beauty of the neighborhood and increase property value.


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