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Home Office Business Furnishings

Updated on October 1, 2014

Home Office Setup Made Easy

Do you need a home office for your daily bills and organized record keeping for home or are you setting up a college dorm? We'll help you with great home office business furnishings that are stylish, look great, won't break the bank and help you want to get to work in your home office.

Or, If you want to set up a home office for your home based business, you want to make sure you have all the requirements of the IRS for the tax deductions you can take. Setting up a home office should be a fun project and you'll want to make it a place that you like, want to go to, enjoy being in and helps you focus on the work at hand.

I seem to get more work done when my office is updated, neat and organized with light and some pretty things all around me. It feels better to me and makes me want to spend time in my office. If you're not being as productive as possible in your current office space, maybe it's time to take another look at your own work area and make some much needed adjustments to your work space with a new desk or other office supplies.

Keep an organized office with the basics we'll show you here and add more as we find great ideas to share with you. Use these ideas to set up your office with home office business furnishings quickly and efficiently so you can have all your home business records handy or to start to get to work and start making money no matter what your business is.

Let's get started with your home office setup.

South Shore Axess Desk with Keyboard Tray, Black
South Shore Axess Desk with Keyboard Tray, Black

Are you just starting to furnish your home office and need the perfect desk? If you want to save money on your office furnishings and don't mind putting a desk together yourself, This could be the right desk for you! It's not too large and not too small, can hold your laptop or desktop computer. The upper shelf is great for any files you need handy, your stapler, tape, office phone, a clock or your invoices and bills due. The lower half shelves are perfect for staying organized and keeping essentials safe and out of the way. This desk is inexpensive for a nice sturdy piece of furniture and will help you declutter your office space. It's also very stylish in the chocolate or black finishes and is easy to add more pieces later that will coordinate well.


The Axess Small Desk is a great starter desk

You can have a clean office and a more organized office when you have the perfect desk that holds all your daily essentials.

Sometimes, I find that just rearranging my office and adding a few new key pieces to change the look and feel is just the jump start I need to get new motivation to work at home and especially for my writing business.

Try it for yourself and see if it helps you too, perfect for home, office or students, it's a best pick from other customers and at a very affordable price in five color options to suit your style.

The right location for your office will make a big difference.

Find the space for your home office

Where will your home office be?

This is an important consideration before you start spending money on your furnishings. Where you set up your office will determine if you need an Lshaped desk, small desk, hutch style desk, of if there room for a large desk with shelving.

Here are some options to help you decide where to locate your home office:

Option One:

Do you have an extra room in your home that you can designate solely for your home office?

If you do, this is the ideal area since you can have a place to do all your household recordkeeping and not be bothered with other distractions happening at home OR use the tax advantages of a home office to take a percentage of all your home utilities, your rent or mortgage, your insurance and more.

You'll also be able to keep everything you need in one room instead of using other parts of your home for files and/or products.

Option Two:

Do you have a guest room that you could convert into a home office?

How often do you use that room as a guest room anyway? If not too often, consider this option for our home office space.

Option Three:

Do you have room in your basement that could be used as a home office?

This could be a good choice if you have no other 'rooms' in your main home.

Designate a section of the basement and use it as a home office.

With a few key elements we'll list below, a basement could be the perfect space to allow you to get to work from home.

Option Four:

Do you have an area below a staircase that you could add a desk and make that your home office workspace?

This option is workable but, may require a little more DIY help or contractor assistance to get it functioning and you may or may not have the funds to make it happen.

Note: If you use another room in your home for your home office, the tax deductions will be greatly reduced unlike a separate room dedicated for your home business.

Option Five:

If all else fails, you may need to get started with a home office by using a desk area in your kitchen.

As above, this option won't allow you full tax deductions but, if you really have searched and there is no other space that would work, it could be helpful to at least get your home office started so you can get organized or start to earn money without having everything else in place.

The Bush Salinas Desk and Hutch has all the features and details of a top rated home office desk to help you increase productivity in a stylish office.

Bush Furniture Salinas Mission Style Desk with Hutch in Vintage Black
Bush Furniture Salinas Mission Style Desk with Hutch in Vintage Black

Looking for Mission Style? This is a beautiful home office desk with plenty of desk space and large hutch area for books, manuals and your daily business needs.


The Perfect Desk Chair for your Office can help you enjoy your space for longer periods of time without pain and discomfort! - Check out the best and top selling chairs perfect for your own office.

Boss Office Products B8601 High Back No Tools Required LeatherPlus Chair in Black
Boss Office Products B8601 High Back No Tools Required LeatherPlus Chair in Black

This is the ergonomic office chair I own and love! It's soft and comfortable at the right height by easily adjusting and prevents back pain from long hours of office work!


Lumbar support cushions for your desk chair improve your posture and prevent back pain -

Buy one for your office chair today and feel the difference if you've been having pain and discomfort from working at a desk all day.

I also like taking a lumbar support on long trips in the car, it feels so good on the lower back.

A Bookcase is an essential home office furnishing - Store your important books, manuals, file boxes, DVD's so they're handy!

Large or small, you can find the perfect bookcase that will look great in your home office and help you to stay organized.

What Color Can Do For Your Home Office - Understanding the psychology of color can change your work environment!

Color your Space!

Once you have decided on the space you'll use for your home office, consider painting the walls to improve your mood and get more work done! Whether you are setting up an office at home, work, for you alone or your business partners, color will make you and those around you enjoy going to work each day.

Make it a place you'll want to be.

Make it a happy color - what do you like? There's no right or wrong answer.

Paint your office Blue if you want peace and tranquility.

Use Green if you love nature. Green is calming and easy on the eyes.

Paint your office Yellow if you want concentration and optimism.

Read more about the Psychology of Color at the link provided below.

Painting three walls one color and the fourth wall another color breaks up the color and can help you showcase your desk or sitting area if you meet with clients or customers in your home office.

Coaster Home Office File Cabinet in Cappuccino Finish
Coaster Home Office File Cabinet in Cappuccino Finish

Larger file cabinet with three drawers, silver handles and casters for easy moving to file papers, manuals or other important materials for the home office.


Great deals on File Boxes

A proper home office for business purposes requires that you keep accurate records and receipts.

A file box is a necessity but, shouldn't break the bank - you need more important things to spend your money on.

Find one that is the right size, in the color and style you like, holds the files you need easy access to every day and fits your budget.

Find the Perfect Desk Lamp - Choose a desk lamp that suits your own style and home office!

Having great lighting is key to being able to work at home successfully without your eyes tiring or worse yet, having you get sleepy when you're trying to work. A great desk lamp is a necessity!

Home Office Set Up Help

Getting your office in working shape doesn't have to take long or cost a lot of money with the tips you'll find in this great book, Home Office in a Weekend.

Start with the basics and add to it as you go.

Share your Comments about Home Office Furnishings - I'd love to know what you think!

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      High five! I loved the desks under $100 buck i thought they were pretty and awesome.