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Outdoor Home Projects

Updated on June 17, 2010

One of the closest held treasures of anyone is their home and family. Even just the word ‘home’ implies a safe haven, a retreat, or a private palace away from the rest of the world. It is unique to the people who live there. It is customized to reflect their taste through interior and exterior home design.

With spring and summer quickly approaching on its heels, yards and gardens are getting a lot of attention. Rarely does an afternoon expire without the sound of a lawnmower making its weekly trek around the yard. With more rain, the trips are even more frequent. Other power tools that come in handy are roto tillers for the garden. There is just something so rewarding about planting a garden and having the pleasure of harvesting the vegetables as they mature and ripen. Weed eaters are also essential for trimming in those areas that the lawn mower cannot quite reach. In a yard with many trees and bushes, one can almost get dizzy going around and around the various obstacles. Using the weed eater not just against a tree, but also a few feet out will prevent the tractor from having to pass too close to the tree.

Flowerbeds are another source of beauty that requires the homeowner’s attention. Hand tools to work up the soil as new small flowers are planted and a small hand rake to smooth the ground out once again are all common equipment. One special thing to do is to give your child a small area for a flower garden. Girls especially like to raise flowers. This includes them in your project and gives them a sense of accomplishment when he or she sees the plants growing and blooming.

Boys seem to enjoy raising garden plants rather than flowers. A very good way to begin is to purchase moss pots, top soil, and seeds and start plants in the house. Many a cold wet spring day has been spent in our kitchen doing just that. Allowing the children to select their own seeds is always fun. As the seeds mature and are ready to be transplanted outdoors, setting aside a part of the garden for the child allows them to monitor their own plant’s growth and to care for them on their own.

Even in the winter, our outside spaces do not go without some enhancement. In the fall placing scarecrows, corn stalks, and hay bales can be fun. In the winter selecting Christmas lights, setting up lighted deer and other ornaments all help to give a personal and homey feel to any residence. Solar Christmas lights are one of the newer items I have noticed in the stores.

Another way to add to a home’s exterior is outdoor lighting. Solar path lights spruce up a lawn and provide more safety when entering the home at night. Other outdoor lighting options include lampposts. Whether with round globes, candelabra light bulbs, or the traditional black iron ones with glass enclosed light bulbs, they all work together to add something special to both front and back yards.

Choosing options to beatify your home not only makes it more enjoyable for you, but also can help with the value of the home as a whole. When at work the office is reflective of what is acceptable to the boss and customers who frequent it. However, a house has no masters except the family members who call it home.  For more information on how to make your house a home, visit Community Brain.


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