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home beer brewing

Updated on March 28, 2011

One friend told me that the beer is produced at home, of course, decided to try it myself. I bought everything you need, I found the camera, all the necessary information on the Internet and is configured to produce:) Indeed, should enjoy Kvass, but after filling of sugar and yeast, five supported, but not two days. A real beer.

I'd show you a list of what is required to produce three liters of the beverage.

1st 3 liters for example: jar
2nd Pot of water boil
3rd Oven
4th Black bread
5th Package dry yeast
6th 300-400 g. sugar
7th Raisins or caraway

 In the first cook in the oven from black bread, it would become hard and brown do not be afraid, but acrylamide in full, I cooked 6 slices.

 When baked bread, boil water, add the baked bread. Cook until it becomes porridge, the porridge remove and place the other slices. When cooking is finished, pour everything into the container

 Meanwhile, take a small jar, fill it with warm water, add yeast (at your option) and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. Stir and leave. After some time, should lead to a lot of foam

Viral water should already be strained, pour yeast mixture into the bowl (the pottage). Stir in raisins or cumin, add 200 g. sugar and put everything in a warm place.

The first day should begin to actively cause bubbles. On the second day it calms down, then add another 100 grams sugar mix. Third day you can try to taste, and keep the same number of days until you become delicious. I know that waiting is the hardest. During those days, do not mix beer.

 Stay tuned for a sequel then I will teach to make homemade vodka.


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    • kapitula profile image

      kapitula 6 years ago from Lithuania

      as I know, this beer has a big demand in Lithuania

    • bimbauzis profile image

      Martynas 6 years ago from Lithuania

      very nice that you liked my work, I try to show you what products are produced in Lithuania.

    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      interesting and informative. nice job.