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Updated on December 4, 2009
True eco fiendly home have minimal or no impact on the environment.
True eco fiendly home have minimal or no impact on the environment.

How to Sell Eco Friendly Homes Faster and for Top Dollar

Few things in life are like that deeply rewarding sense of living in a eco wise built house.  You may also be one of the thousands of folks who have retrofitted and older residence and updated it with sustainable materials.  Undoubtedly, this type of dwelling is not only a a true sanctuary but also a a good deal healthier dwelling to exist. 

Life happens though and much too often change is knocking on your door.  You realize its time to move and you may find yourself in a tight spot.  Thousands of dollars was invested in your cozy and sustainable pad.  In your heart you know your home is now worth at least 5% more than most homes in the neighborhood but how do you convince a buyer with a budget to buy into your zeal for green?

Well, the delightful news is that recent stats will be your friend.  Even though rock-solid stats unveiling that eco wise homes sell quicker and for more money all through the nation is still deficient, there have been a few exceedingly promising studies to indicate that this in reality is the tendency.

For example, according to a analysis performed by GreenWorks Realty in the Pacific Northwest, new environmentally-certified (ECert) or environmentally friendly homes in King County sell in up to 18% less time and for 28-37% higher value per square foot.  The explanation this type of figures is not on hand from all Counties yet is very uncomplicated - local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have not integrated the energy efficiency and "eco smart" features into their information search fields.  Sooner or later, all MLS systems will catch on, and the confirmation that green homes get higher offers will be exceedingly profuse. 

Here is what you'll want to keep in mind when preparing to sell your residence.  There are three classes of eco friendly house buyers out there and you will want to make sure you have a witty plot to market to all of them:

1. Economizers.  This is the class that is concerned with the idea of saving money by wise use of resources.  This category also entails land lords who are counting on  at life-cycle cost analysis and the value of various earth friendly features that can boost their cash flow.  For economizers the mighty cash is the king and all the rest of the ecological drooling is less important.   

2. Idealists.  This is your emblematic Organicsons household.  They take environmentally friendly living very acutely and believe that conservation of resources and preserving the planet is a social responsibility.  They are willing to forgo some personal comforts for more eco friendly lifestyle choices.  The Organicsons are also very health conscious and easily value wellness benefits of living in a eco friendly property. 

3. Eco-Chic (pronounced - Eco-Shique and not Eco Chik) - as you may guess, these are the environmental Giorgio Armani types.  They like to pursue eco trends and not necessarily the up-to-the-minute developments in fight with global warming.  Not to say they don’t care about the environment.  Most of them do; they just like to make a fashion statement out of it.  To some eco-chics looking like a true steward of the environment is an undeniable social status statement. 

When mapping out a advertising witty plot remember that eco smart choice is not a one hat fits all style of method.  Certain buyers can match neatly into one of these ranks and particular will have character of all three.  They key is to respect all of their needs and wishes when selling a home to them. 

Here are the steps you'll need to undertake to trade your home fast and for a top value:

1. Seek out a broker who is connected in the green community and really "gets it".  Look for either NAR's GREEN Designation or an EcoBroker.  They have official training and value the mindset of a green dwelling purchaser.  More importantly, seek out an Realtor to whom "green" is not just a marketing word but a passion.  Invite probing questions and get a feel of who they really are.

2. Collect all the receipts and proof of eco wise remodeling or construction and put a binder together for the buyer.  If you have one, produce your Home Energy Ratings (HER) report; it'll demonstrate how much more efficient your property really is.  Make it evident and concrete information that they can take to the bank.

3. Clearly identify the value and Return on Investment (ROI) for the eco friendly improvements you've made.  Make sure a three year old can appreciate why they should pay more for this property.  For example, demonstrate that the home could have 100-350 dollars in energy savings when it comes to a emblematic archaic mammoth down the street.  This could be a gift of 3,000 in savings over the term of the year.  Make sure your real estate agent has the talent to communicate this data and sell the value.  Put together a video teaching all the advantages of owning this dwelling and recommend more resources like links or magazines for the buyers to get more education about the features that your house has to offer.

4. Don't market your listing with common terms like "green" or "eco friendly".  Most agents make this oversight.  Thousands people are purely fed up by this idiom and it can only spark off their resistance because of all too common "greenwashing" in the market.  The intention here is simple yet exceedingly significant - sell benefits and not titles. 

5. Spark some exhilaration.  Don't endeavor to sell your dwelling in the conventional way.  Eco wise buyers are typically a younger crowd, that likes to be awed before they buy anything.  Stage your house mindfully to show very obviously that you enjoyed living in it very much.  Most real estate agents recommend to depersonalize the home.  While in most cases it is true, here the opposite works.  Explain what inspired you to make this residence eco wise and what benefits it brought to your household and your health. 

Ultimately, green home shoppers will cash out more for your residence for the same rationale folks sign up for a waiting list and pay top price for a hybrid car.  It just makes sense on all levels.  If you select the fitting Realtor to represent you and follow these steps you should have no issues selling your dwelling shaving off at least a quarter of marketing time prevalant in your area and receive 5%-10% more for the resource concerving features of the house.  May you have more success than you can handle.


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