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Hoover u5140900 - A Great Discount Vacuum

Updated on September 6, 2014

Father of Four Messy Kids Declares The Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140900 A Great Discount Vacuum

Before I start talking about the Hoover u5140900, I just wanted to tell you that I have four children (8, 6 and a set of 2yr old twins) and let me tell you they know how to make one heck of a mess out of my carpet. I would say that I am not a "Vacuum Expert", but rather a "Mess Expert", so my views on this "diamond in the rough" vacuum is from a vacuum user who has untold messes to vacuum up on a daily basis.

Recently my old vacuum broke and I started to shop around for a new one and I was floored by how much they cost nowadays. In today's economy I just don't have $200-$400 for a new Dyson or Kirby vacuum, so like everyone else today I started to research and shop around online for the best bang for my hard earned dollar. That is when I happened to stumble across the Hoover "Tempo Widepath" Upright Vacuum (Model U5140900).

I was a little bit skeptical about what type of quality I would get for about $68, but I could not find anything else out there with its features for the price. This great discount vacuum packs the same features as the expensive "Big Boys". The main features of the Hoover Tempo Widepath are:

Powerful 12-amp motor

15-inch cleaning width

Allergen filtration system captures dust mites, ragweed, common pollens

Easy-open bag door

Onboard dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, 2 extension wands

Well as I read more about the features the "doubting Thomas" in me started to come out saying that "this is too good to be true", but I continued to read on about the Hoover Tempo Widepath. After about an hour of reading MANY of the 980 Five Star Customer Reviews on Amazon I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad that I did.

Setup Instructions From Users Manual
Setup Instructions From Users Manual

Hoover Makes Setting Up The Tempo Widepath a Breeze

So easy even I could do it!

Well after no time at all thanks to the quick shipping that Amazon provides my Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum arrived at my door and not a minute too soon. I quickly opened the box and saw that there was some assembly required. I immediately got a little bit nervous because I am not the most handy person when it comes to putting things together. I did breathe a sigh of relief when I saw that assembly was quick and painless.

The Hoover Tempo Widepath comes in what I would call four pieces. You get the handle, the vacuum body, vacuum bag (I'll address this later), and the attachments. You simply put the handle in the slot, tighten two screws and that is the worst of it. All I had to do then was put the vacuum bag in the proper spot attach the accessories, and I was ready to attack the crud that built up on my rug over the last few days.

Freshen Up Your Carpet - These Work Great With Your New Vacuum

Using My Hoover Tempo Widepath For The First Time

It's First Job Was On The Mother Of All Messes

Now that assembly was done it was time to get down to business. I was a bit worried because I was going to put my new vacuum through a mess gauntlet only seen in Infomercials because I haven't vacuumed in a few days. I had all sorts of crud on the floor from dirt to cracker crumbs. To be honest I had my doubts because my old vacuum would struggle with some of the messes my new Hoover Tempo Widepath now faced on it first run.

Well I plugged it in and when I turned it on for the first time I knew that I had bought a high quality, mess eating machine. It was now time for the test to prove that this was the right choice. I started to push the vacuum across the floor and to my surprise it sucked everything up on THE FIRST PASS. There was no need for that classic back and forth that I used to do with my old vacuum, and in minutes I was done!

I didn't realize how quickly I was done because not only did everything come up quick and easy, but I also did it in a fraction of the time it used to take me. I credit the SUPER SUCTION that the Hoover Tempo Widepath has and the wide cleaning area that cleaned more carpet with each pass.

Got Allergies?

This little wonder not only cleans the dirt, but the air as well!

Well if I do have any complaints about any vacuum I have ever used is that after I am done using it my son would be sneezing due to the dust in the air. I always thought that dust in the air was a byproduct of running the vacuum, but my opinion on that has now changed forever.

Since I got what I felt was a heck of a deal on this vacuum I spent a few dollars and ordered the top of the line microfiltration vacuum bags to use in my new Hoover Tempo Widepath. After I tackled that monster mess I was surprised not to hear my son sneezing. He tended to sneeze a few times after I was done vacuuming because he is sensitive to dust. I then put it all together and realized that this vacuum not only picked up the dirt and mess, but kept it all inside as well.

If you or a loved one suffer from airborne allergies I would strongly suggest this vacuum and some good bags because it REALLY does keep all of the allergens in and the air outside nice and fresh.

Own a Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum? Tell Me What You Think

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens on explaining the advantage of using hoover tempo widepath.Your lens is clear and easy to read too.

      Great job.

      Btw, how did you make the "content at a glance"?


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