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Horse Room Decor: Wall Decor & Horse Statues

Updated on July 19, 2013

Decorating with Horse Home Decor

Decorating with these affordable, metal and resin horse head wall decor pieces will add value to your decor palette without draining your budget.

I'm passionate about decorating and equally compelled to save decorating dollars while not sacrificing beauty.

Horse Home Decor, especially metal and resin wall sculptures, have a presence all their own. Horses have been long admired as the pillar of strength and share a history among us as loyal servant and trusting companion. Suffice it to say, the horse's image is deserving of a prominent place in our homes.

Displaying horse statues, and similar art forms is a great way we can appreciate the horse's endearing spirit and its awesome strength.

Scroll down to see this magnificent animal in many home decor art forms and more as described above and pay homage to the horse while displaying your favorite horse head art piece.

Image Credit: Cat iron, metal horse head decor shown here is available below.

Metal Horse Head Wall Art: Metal Wall Art Country Rustic Home Decor

Metal Horse Head Wall Art: Handcrafted Decor Western Horse Head

Metal Horse Head Wall Art: Draft Horse Head Metal Country Rustic Home Decor

3D Quarter Horse Head Profile
3D Quarter Horse Head Profile

Successfully decorating is achieved by incorporating similar elements. These horse head wall sculptures betray the power of the horse and the strength of metal.

The horses' heads are sizable and will make a great focal point in smaller wall areas. Make sure your sculpture (or any wall art) occupies most of the wall area with minimal space on either side of the piece. You don't want to have your art be swallowed by a large wall expanse resulting in a diluted effect.

These sculptures will make quite an impression with very little effort.


The Value of Unique Decor - Framed Metal Horse Head Wall Art

3-D Horse Head Resin and Metal Wall Sculpture
3-D Horse Head Resin and Metal Wall Sculpture

Unique art is one that commands its own space where every feature needs to be admired without interruption. This striking horse head sculpture satisfies the beholder's appreciation for amazing art.

The frame, rather than being a border, becomes a valued, artistic element in its 'reverse order' . I like this unexpected arrangement, the uniqueness that adds to its value along with the 36" x 24" grand size.

Doesn't the horse come alive? You want to stroke the silky mane and rub its muzzle; you can feel its power.

Now, that's art appreciation at its finest.


Metal Horse Head Wall Sculptures - The Lone Focal Point

Aren't these wall sculptures amazing? I love the energy ~it's as though the horses' are blazing through their frames or the wall, manes billowing, slapping at full~gallop speed.

Exquisite art isn't a fancy way of saying expensive, rather it's more expressive, extraordinary, extreme and explosive.

These fabulous metal wall sculptures are very large and promise to earn their keep in admiration. You'll feel their spirit. Now, that's art at its finest.

Quite the candidate for any room's focal point, these pieces will capture the essence of the equine spirit while commanding attention at first glance. I may sound a bit over~the~top but I get excited with finer art pieces Art that lives and breathe for you as you admire its beauty.

Most of these sculptures are nearly four feet wide. I recommend hanging one above your sofa, bed or table, anywhere your wall faces the room's entrance. I wouldn't pair it with any other art work, as doing so will dilute the piece's strength and energy.

Yes, I would say these metal horses wall sculptures are artistic, handcrafted treasures.

Resin Horse Head Decor: - Life Size Mounted Arabian Horse Wall Sculptures

Made of light weight hollow~cast resin, these durable ~ and quite unique ~ horse head relief sculptures are the 'Big Boys' of wall art. They've the realistic features of this majestic animal and make quite the impressive focal point or accent wall addition in your favorite room. I'd hang them anywhere they'll be alone and not competing for attention. They're easy to hang with just one screw (I can live with that), as these sculptures weigh only 5 lbs. I appreciate the option to finish some pieces just the way our decor calls for, or buying in an array of realistic, pre-finished hues. My impression with these impressive wall sculptures is it's horse decor at a higher level. Aren't they fabulous?

~Dimensions: 27" H x 25" W x 4" D

Success in Art: Alive & Spirited - Resin Horse Wall Sculpture

While this wall sculpture 'stays put' on the wall ~ much like a picture ~ it moves and breaths; it almost talks to its admirers. I'm amazed at the detail, the energy of the sculpture. The size is perfect for most rooms, too; it's quite big at 2.5 feet wide. I define a 'successful' art form (in this case, a horse sculpture, that's more a relief protruding from the wall's flat surface) as a piece that captures the raw power of its subject (the stallions).

Bursting with vigor, this majestic art form will captivate all who admire it! Meld your passion for horses with high~quality art forms and enjoy the resulting splendor. One large piece lends more value to your room's decor versus several small art pieces.

Please share your horse head art story here. I'd love to know how you've used your wall art or other decorations. ever the decorator and artist, my wheels turn with every idea, image and majestic element compliments of nature's beauty. The horse is an inspiring subject with its strength and valor. What could be the better animal to betray these qualities?

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