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Horse Lamp

Updated on December 25, 2012

Lamp by Mooi/Front in the Shape of a Full Size Horse

Some Hate it.

Some Love it.

Everyone Talks About it.

The Horse Lamp by Moooi is a worldfamous Design. Since it's release in 2006 this lamp has been featured in countless Design Magazines and is a big hit for the Dutch/Scandinavian Design houses collaborating on it.

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Moooi/Front Horse Lamp

Make no mistake with the Horse Lamp you are hauling a ful sized black horse into your home. If you love this design by Front for Moooi that is exactly what you want. Moooi(Mooi means Beautiful in Dutch) was started in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and has gained worldfame with cutting edge design and products that allow customers to express their individual style with outspoken choices.

This horse is an excellent example. Everyone will have an opinion on this horse and love it or hate it but it can't be ignored. Read here what the magazine Design Envy has to say about it. The huge lamp is available with free shipping.

Lamp Features

  • Flared PVC/Cotton laminate shade
  • UL Listed
  • Black Polyester Foundation
  • Collaboration of Front and Moooi
  • Height: 94.5"
  • Width: 90.6"
  • Depth 19.7"

Moooi Products are also available from Amazon


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