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Houston Apartment Locators Know Where The Best Apartment Homes Are Located

Updated on December 3, 2010

When shopping for a new Houston apartment to lease, it can be a hit and miss scenario at best for some consumers, and the utilization of Houston apartment locators can increase your odds dramatically in finding the best of everything in one location. There are several factors to weigh when planning a move, and the variables are just too overwhelming to the average apartment dweller in the Metro area. By contacting a professionally trained, and experienced locator service, you can put all of the guess work in their hands, and they will provide you will a comprehensive report that outlines the properties that will coincide with your wishes and needs for a new home to lease.

Houston Apartment Locators Know The Best Parts Of Town

Depending on if you are single or have a family will dictate what part of town you will want to live in, and of course, there is the need to factor in your workplace as well. The balance of low crime rates and best entertainment in close proximity will be the wishes of young single professional. Where as the mother or father of a family will want a safe neighborhood, the best public, or private schools, and a small commute to and from work. The most sought after schools in the Houston and surround areas are the following:

High Schools: Bellaire, Lamar in the Houston area, and Taylor High School In Katy Texas. Spring Branch High School is also at the top of the list for best schools to attend.

Elementary Schools: West University (HISD), and Exley in Katy, TX. There area also the magnet schools program that is very hard to get into, but worth the extra effort to get your child enrolled.

The above-mentioned areas are also some of the safest as far as low crime rates. A few other areas with this distinction are: Hedwig Village, Spring Valley, and Spring Branch. The trade off with safer neighborhoods is also going to be the cost of living in those locations. The after single family home in city of West University is near the one million dollar mark, and rental properties such as apartments will be a premium as well. The small townships have their own police, fire, and local government, which allows for a more concentrated effort to keep crime down, and quality of life above normal.

Houston Apartment Locators

Houston Apartment Finders
Houston Apartment Finders

Houston Apartment Finders Top List of Amenities Ask For By Clients

Add this to the list of options and amenities like: updated appliances, individual security alarm systems, granite counter tops, extra-large walk in and changing closets, 24 hour gym, hardwood or organic tiled floors, and close to social venues. Today’s apartment resident also want grocery stores, coffee houses, dry cleaners, and restaurants with in walking distance as well. Take all that has been mentioned and narrow it down to half a dozen properties to tour, and you will see why having Houston apartment finders on your side just makes more sense.


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