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How much paint do you need?

Updated on May 21, 2010

In the present economic climate, more people are turning to doing there own decoration works to save costs. What may seem very daunting to some people, excellent results can be achieved with good advice and patients - I will give a step by step guide in my next hub.

So you want to paint a room or rooms at home and are thinking how much paint do you need so you can work out roughly what the cost are going to be. The details below will help you achieve your first goal.....

First you need to gather the following information;

  1. Surface of area to be painted.
  2. Spreading rate of paint being used.
  3. The numbers of coats required.


  • To paint a bedroom wall - measure the height of wall and the wall length i.e 2.4m x 5.2 = 12.48 sq metres. Measure the remaing walls using the same formula and add the total Sq metres.
  • A water based interior wall paint will cover approximately 15 sq metres per litre - previously unpainted walls will cover approximately¬†11 - 12 sq metres per litre.
  • You have for example a total area of 54 sq metres @ 15 sq metres per litre (54 divided by 15) = 3.6 litres. The normal is 2 coats per surface, so the divided figure needs to be doubled, giving you a total of 7.2 litres to cover your total area.

When measuring any walls, include windows and doors (unless exceptionally large), because any additional paint will come in handy for any touch-ups/repairs in the future.

Always stir paint thorughly before use and keep lids sealed when not in use.


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