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How to clean and organize your refrigerator

Updated on January 18, 2017

First things first: unplug the fridge

I recommend you to unplug the fridge before cleaning it. But remember you have to clean the fridge quickly because the food could spoils. It is better to turn off the fridge because you can clean it more effective than if it is working.

Take the food, the removable shelves and containers out

When the food is outside, you have to take a decision – what to throw away and what to leave. First of all expect the expired products. After that look for something that you don’t like. We all do mistakes sometimes. We buy things and after that we don’t like their taste. So throw them away before their date expired.

Clean the shelves and containers

Warm water and a little bit of soap is all you need. Don’t use chemical substances because after all in the fridge you place the food products for your family. If the shelves are too dirty you can put a little vinegar in the water, but don’t use too much because the fridge will start to smell not so good.

Clean the fridge from the inside

Before you put the shelves and the containers back in the fridge, clean it from the inside. Wipe down all the walls and immobile shelves. You can use old toothbrush if the interior is too dirty. Remember the fridge must be completely dry before putting back the other parts.

Put the shelves and the containers back

Put the shelves and the containers back in the fridge and you will immediately notice the difference. The fridge’s interior is cleaner and fresher. Don’t forget to wipe down the refrigerator’s lamp.

Jars and boxes

Before putting back the food, just wipe the jars and boxes from the outside to remove the stuck food. You need only a dry towel and no special cleaner.

Arrange the jars and the boxes

This can be a little bit annoying work. Nowadays it is for easier, because all the fridge’s parts have indicative pictures. In general the sauces, eggs, butter, milk have to be placed on the fridge’s doors. In the bottom containers we hold the vegetables and fruits. Upwards place the others jars and boxes.

Clean the exterior

You might be already tired but you have to clean the fridge’s exterior, too. You can use vinegar and after that rinse it out with warm water. If you have stainless steel refrigerator you can use suitable product to clean it. Remove all the dirt and fingerprints with circle moves.

Try to clean your refrigerator at least once a month

This way you surely will prolong the life of your fridge and it will be in the perfect condition longer. The bad odors will not appear and the food will be fresher.

The freezer needs special cleaning, so I promise to write a special article for it.


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    • unvrso profile image

      Jose Juan Gutierrez 4 years ago from Mexico City

      Excellent instructions on how to clean a refrigerator!