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How To Convert An Old Porch Swing Into A Garden Day Bed

Updated on May 1, 2014

All You Need Is Imagination And A Hammer

Once upon a time in a land called Sin City lived a stray cat named Sheba. Sheba was very old and the Queen of the neighborhood, but nobody really knew who owned her. She was there before anyone else and that was 20 years. Everyone in the land loved Sheba and she was cared for by many homes because Sheba refused to enter houses and loved her bed in the garage.

Sheeba loved all her houses, but she loved one house above it all because her boyfriend lived there. They had a romantic porch chair that the two of them would cuddle up on. One day her boyfriend made cat eyes at a new Kitten and Sheeba didn't like that. When the owners of the house woke up they found their comfortable porch chair shred to pieces. There was nothing the home owners could do because Sheeba would scratch and scratch that chair even if the owners put a new cover on it. The porch chair sat there looking like a big eyesore because the owner couldn't bare to get rid of it. Sheeba lived a very long time for a cat, but grew sick and the entire neighborhood decided that it was much more humane to let Sheeba go to heaven than get stuck under a bush out in the Desert sun. Everyone was very sad.

One day the home owner had a dream. She would rebuild the porch chair now that Sheeba was no longer there. This is the story of that porch chair and how it came back to life.

Photo Credit : Mine

Converting The Swing Chair To A Day Bed

I bought this swing when I first moved to Nevada almost 8 years ago. It was on sale at Home Depo for only $40.00. They had dozens of them and by the time I walked out of the store there was only one left. I wish I had bought more than one at that price. It was so comfortable until the stray cat we were feeding decided it was the perfect scratching post and that was that. Purchasing a new seat cushion was more money than I paid for the chair so I left the seat for the cat and waited for it to die.


1. The chair was so well built that it took me a month to get the bolts apart so that I could take the bench off the frame. I wanted to repurpose the entire thing, but was never able to get the pieces of the chair apart. I will be taking it to the recycler on my next trip. There were bolt locks on the screws and that was where my problem started.

2. The frame was in excellent condition and it had held the chair so I thought to myself that if I could suspend a piece of wood from some chains I could convert the seat into a bed. When I measured everything it was exactly the size of a crib mattress with a few inches on each side. This was perfect. I weighed the chair and was careful the wood I was choosing was around the same weight give or take 10 pounds. The chain was the most expensive part. I needed 18 feet of chain that would hold 600 pounds. I know I was not going to have a 600 pound person sit on the swing, but I wanted it to be safe for 2 adults to snuggle. In reality it's big enough for one adult to relax and read so I went a little overboard with the chain. Live and learn. It worked.

3. I purchased 3/4 inch plywood and they cut it to size for me at the lumber mill. I also purchased a 2x6 board to use as a brace. After sanding and painting it only took a few nails to attach it all together. The 2x6 was fit nicely as a brace in the middle of the board and the wood was steady enough to jump up and down on it hard.

Swing Chair / Bed Hardware And Conversion Kits

Adding The Finishing Touches

After putting the swing together I painted the frame in a metallic gold spray paint. The mattress came covered in plastic and while it is already waterproof I left the plastic on it just to add additional protection. I covered it in a cotton crib sheet and then again in the black and gold silk. The black and gold silk material was not fitted so I did hospital corners and sewed the corners together. It is easily removed to be washed.

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    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 

      4 years ago from Lakewood New York

      I say what a very creative project, nice job :)

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      4 years ago from USA

      It really turned out nice. If it were in my yard I know I'd used it almost daily. Good idea for the heavy chain as well.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      4 years ago

      What a beautiful project. I want to make my backyard a place of beauty and relaxation - this would work in beautifully.


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