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How to Decorate a Horse Themed Bedroom for an Equestrian Girl

Updated on August 15, 2017

Treat Yourself to Some Galloping Horse Themed Décor

Horses are beautiful and elegant creatures, both in the flesh as well as in art, sculpture and décor. My little cousin is crazy about horses, and recently my aunt and uncle treated her to a horse themed bedroom! That inspired me to go on the hunt for some cool equestrian bedroom décor for my own bedroom.

In my travels around the net, I found lots of amazing pieces which I just had to share with all of you. I decided to do that by collecting all of my favorite pieces of horse themed bedroom décor right here in one place for you to check out. I hope you find some ideas that are just perfect for your room. Let's get started!

Horse Themed Bedding


The first thing your bedroom will need to have is some cute horse themed bedding to set the tone. There are a number of bedding sets in various different style to fit different ages: above is a pretty pink pony set which I think would work very well for your children. I really love the patchwork design! This bedding comes with a lot of stuff, such as a comforter, a sham, a bed skirt and even a matching window valence. There are loads of extra accessories you can get to match it too - basically if it is in the picture, it is available to buy somewhere! It's an easy option for parents, since you can get a whole bed room in one purchase.


For older horse fans, there is also a wide variety of horse themed bedding available on Etsy, including some completely unique pieces. Much of it is handmade too, so if you want something with a special touch of love, Etsy is definitely the way to go.


I'm a huge fan of DENY bedding, they make a lot of very unusual and unique designs that you won't find elsewhere, either very artsy pieces or photographs blown up onto bedding, pillows and other accessories for your bedroom. For example, I love the gently colored and elegant looking duvet featuring horses in a beautiful morning field below, and the incredibly gentle and calming bedding above. It looks like the horse could actually jump right out of the picture!

Here's a cute video to watch if you are looking for some quick inspiration for decorating a horse themed bedroom. I particularly like the tarp tent like bed canvas - it's got a very Wild West theme to it that works well with the equestrian aesthetic! Which ideas are your favorite?


Wall Paint and Paper

If you are going all out and repainting your walls, I would recommend either a light shade of brown or beige, or for children, light pastel colors such as pink, sky blue and yellow. Deeper browns and reds can work, but you need a big room with a good light source to avoid the dark colors making your room look too small.

Alternatively, you can opt for horse themed wallpaper. This is great for a more vintage style of bedroom, as most horse themed wallpapers are in this style. Take a look at the beautiful gray wallpaper on the right, for example.

Brighten Your Walls with Some Horse Themed Art

There are so many ways of adding an equestrian flair to your bedroom walls that it would be practically criminal to just leave them bare! Take for example, this absolutely gorgeous piece of horse art, a wall mural than measures a whopping ten by six feet. That's an instant equestrian makeover for your walls with a truly spectacular piece of art. I've included some more of my favorite wall art below!

If you have any interest at all in painting or drawing, a great way to make your bedding extra-personal is to simply make your own art. This is only suitable for those with a good amount of spare time and space to make a mess (I know I'm messy when I paint!), but if you can pull it off you can acquire a really unique look. If you've never painted a horse before, I recommend that you check out one of the many easy to follow tutorials on Youtube, such as the one above.


If you don't have the time or the inclination to make your own pony themed masterpieces, there is of course plenty of paintings out there to buy.I also strongly recommend looking for horse themed art on Etsy. As well as having a huge selection of original artwork, many of the pieces are completely unique, meaning you will have a one of a kind addition to your room. As well as being beautiful decorations, paintings can be a good investment too!

To the right is one of my favorite pieces of horse themed art on Etsy at the moment, a richly colored and noble image by award winning artist John Silver.

Here's a great decor ideas for kids and teens. If you have a lot of horse riding magazines, or you have a print to print off images from the internet, you can make your very own equestrian wall art for your bedroom wall! This looks pretty unique and personal, plus it can save you some money. Above is a fun and easy tutorial for creating horse collage art, so be sure to check it out!

Horseshoe designs are a very versatile way of decorating your horse themed bedroom - you can hang them on the wall, use them as ornaments on shelves, bookends - there are no limits, only your imagination. Above is a great tutorial for making horseshoes in various different patterns and styles for any use. Check it out!

Horse Floor Decorations


You can also get lots of horse themed rugs, though they tend to be unusual and quite unique. I recommend clicking the above link and heading over to etsy, where you will find hundreds of completely one of a kind rugs to decorate your bedroom. You'll have a room like absolutely no one else with these beauties!

If you want something a little cheaper, I recommend going for a plain brown rug. Crochet styles and shag rugs look great, as do rugs from coarse materials. It'll fit in well with the rest of your furniture and really tie the room together.

You Can Even Get Equestrian Furniture!

Any kind of rustic wooden furniture would work wonderfully in a horse themed bedroom - think the sort of furniture you would get at an authentic country ranch. If you are going for a more minimalist look, however, stick to white wood - it's looks very good!

If you can stretch your budget a little further, an awesome optional piece of décor for your equestrian bedroom is some amazing horse themed furniture. Horse furnishings can be very beautiful and subtle, like the gorgeous console table above with intricately carved horse head and hoofed legs. Why not decorate it with a horse themed figurine as well? It would look amazing!

Horse Themed Lighting


Horse themed lighting can make a big difference to a room, especially at night. It makes the difference between the country and the city, and should cast the rustic glow of the ranch into your bedroom. I highly recommend the cute wood-cut horse lamp above, available on Etsy. It's a truly beautiful piece that will look perfect in any equestrian bedroom.

Resin Table Lamps Brown Stallion Horse Table Lamp W/Nature Print Shade 12 X 18.5 X 12 Inches Brown
Resin Table Lamps Brown Stallion Horse Table Lamp W/Nature Print Shade 12 X 18.5 X 12 Inches Brown

If you need a table lamp in your room to read or study by, make sure it's horse themed! Here's a very cute 3D horse sculpture based stallion lamp that I've fallen in love with. The lamp is so richly colored and well crafted, and the print on the shade is lovely too.

You can also get this lamp with a white horse as the base, or you can collect both! If you have a ceiling fan, the same maker makes a brown horse themed ceiling fan pull too.

Both of these beautiful accessories would look great in the rooms of children and adults of all ages.


That isn't to say that the modern look never works for a horse themed bedroom - you can have an ultra-modern, minimalist horse room too! If that is the look you are going for, then you might want to check out the very interesting modern art piece horse and moon lamp featured above. It's amazingly stylish!

Horse Themed Window Dressings


Still on the theme of minimalism, if you are looking for something simple to decorate your windows, you can't go wrong with the energetic and lively horse themed roller blinds featured above. If you aren't going minimalist, you want brown or black curtains. Faux or real suede is an amazing look if you can afford it!

Add the Finishing Touches with Some Horse Bedroom Accessories

Last but not least, finish off your bedroom with some beautiful horse themed bedroom accessories, to make the room personalized to your particular style and personality. For example, you could pick up a few horse figurines and ornaments to decorate your shelves and cabinets, like this awesome storm themed purple horse figurine. I'm completely in love with its glittery mane!

There are quite a number of other horses in the Trail of Painted Ponies series, in all sorts of amazing, colorful and unusual designs. I recommend you take a look at them all - you are sure to find one that captures your heart.

If you have toy ponies lying about the house that you were just about to throw away, stop right there! You can make some really luxurious and gorgeous looking horse ornaments to line your furniture with! This is a really cheap way to get some seriously classy accessories - just take you old toys and follow the tutorial above.


Here's a subtle home accessory that people might not notice often, but when they do, it will always bring a smile to their face. Cabinet knobs! Suitable for night stands, dressers and armoir doors, these amazing pieces are decorated with some truly beautiful artwork that will warm any heart.

There are also plenty of home-made horse themed accessories that can be made by little children to decorate their room. Looms are all the rage at the moment, and above is a really cute tutorial on how to make a horse figurine to decorate your bookshelf using looms! It's very simple, and pretty cool.

Thanks for Dropping By!

There you have it, all of my favorite ideas for decorating a horse themed bedroom. I hope you found some ideas that are perfect for your room and have a lot of fun decorating. If you liked this page and would like to see more, be sure to check out my blog for all the best themed bedroom ideas on the net!

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