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How to Fog Proof Glass & Mirrors

Updated on January 6, 2014
fog proof mirror
fog proof mirror

Don't you hate it when the bathroom mirror fogs up and you've just hopped out of the shower and you can't even see to comb your hair? So you wipe the mirror with a towel and by the time you lean forward to get a closer look your breath fogs it again Grrrr!

Not anymore I have a great tip that's guaranteed to solve your fogging problem. And its not just for the bathroom mirror either. This simple how to fix will keep your goggles, helmet, sunglasses, prescription glasses, windows and mirrors from fogging up too.

And the best part is that you won't need to spend a single cent, because everything you'll need to prevent fogging up, you've already got right at home.

Time required: 2 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: FREE


  • 1 Bottle of dish washing detergent. (Joy, Palmolive, Dawn etc...)


  • 1 soft cotton cloth. (a thick old cotton t-shirt)


1. For smaller items like glasses and goggles place a drop of dish washing liquid detergent on your finger and smear it on the surface you'd like to stop fogging, work it into the glass or plastic pretty good in a circular motion. For larger surfaces put a small amount of detergent on your soft cotton cloth and work it in.

2. Buff the surface of the glass or plastic where you applied the liquid dish detergent till it's crystal clear using the soft cotton cloth. Switch to a fresh part of the cloth a few times.

3. Based upon my experience here are a few helpful tips:

Works best when applied to a clean and completely dry glass or plastic surface

Do not dilute the detergent, use full strength, and concentrated detergent is even better

Don't over polish the surface

Re-apply as necessary


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