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How to get rid of bed bug bites-quick and easy solutions

Updated on November 9, 2011

How can I get rid of bed bug bites ?

We have all had a bed bug bite at one stage of our lives, sometimes without even being aware that our beds have bugs in them.

A bed bug bite will typically appear overnight as an irritation to the skin and will leave a tiny little red welt where the bed bug bite has occurred.

Bed bugs can survive on the dead skin and hair folicles that our bodies leave behind while we sleep. When we move in our sleep, our bodies create a friction with the sheets and matresses on which we sleep. This friction will cause the bed bugs to seek the warmth that it provides.

So how do I get rid of bed bug bites ?

The Bed Bug Lifecycle

How do you get rid of bed bug bites ?
How do you get rid of bed bug bites ?

By understanding the bed bug life cycle and their core food of blood and skin tissue, we can easily decide on a course to prevent that irritating and seemingly unhygienic bed bug bite.

So how you get rid of a bed bug bite can be approached in a few diffirent methods.

The first method would be to buy a new mattress and sheets as the bed bug can exist without its desired food of blood for a period of up to 10 months before it will need to feed again. This solution is not always costs effective and thus we need to look at alternatives.

Signs of bed bug bites

Although sometimes minute, this is what a typical sign of bed bug bites looks like
Although sometimes minute, this is what a typical sign of bed bug bites looks like

We all know and have heard that prevention is better than cure. The next method assists in the prevention of bed bug bites. The best method is to reduce body odor and germ potentials which draw bacteria under warm conditions like sleeping. By bathing and/or showering before going to bed, you will eliminate loose skin and hair follicles which will deter bed bug bites.

The second prevention point is to use a non perfumed soap which will reduce any chemical reactions that the skin and pores produce with the chemical composition of certain odored and perfumed soaps. Look for a soap with a low PH balance which will aid in the reduction of the bed bug bites.

How to get rid of bed bug bites using Bed Bug Shredder

The most powerful option known to exist at present is the Bed Bug Shredder Pack which has been proven to eradicate bed bugs within about a minute.

The Bed Bug Shredder compound can be purchased in a single bed application and for safety sake going into summer it is always wise to use a 3 bed or 5 bed application to do your entire home to prevent any spread to other areas of the home.

The Bed Bug Bites can be eliminated with this option very easily and then the preventative measures followed thereafter on a regular basis. The application should be sufficient for an entire year from season to season.

So if you want to know how to get rid of bed bug bites permanently - choose the safe option.


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    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for the feedback moving finger

    • profile image

      movingfinger 5 years ago

      Bed Bugs are pretty resilient and extremely difficult to eradicate. Even if you kill all the big ones, the eggs that remain, can hatch over a period of time and then get back at you.. Especially on wooden furniture.. periodic spraying and elimination are your only options.

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Bed bugs are my worst nightmare!!! Thanks for the tips.