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Solution on how to get rid of fruit flies

Updated on November 27, 2011

Use Springstar to get rid of fruit flies now

How to get rid of fruit flies with Springstar
How to get rid of fruit flies with Springstar

How do I get rid of these fruit flies seems to echo through many a household during the summer months with little or no suggested solutions from anybody.

You stand there in the kitchen confused as to where the fruit flies came from and wonder if there is at all any way to swat them with a fly swatter. You may even try a few times to catch them with your hands and kill them.

The problem is they are just to small. So how do you get rid of these irritating fruit flies.

Firstly there are a few things we need to understand about fruit flies before we try ro are successful in getting rid of them.

The common fruit flies is approximately 2 millimeters in size and extremely difficult to see, never mind to catch and kill them.So you after something that is really small to start with.

Next we need to understand where theese fruit flies came from. Well this is the interesting part that will frustrate you to no end. Whne we buy fruit or vegetable form the store, the furit or vegatables have already been subjected to a number of airborne insects in the store loading areas. Fruit flies have the ablility to reproduce at least every ten days and the female fruit fly will lay an average of 100 eggs every 10 days.

What this means for the fruit fly is that in its average life cycle, it will lay on average about 2500 eggs in a single habitat. Now if that habitat is the confines of the fruit and vegetable delivery area of your favorite store, then it is inevitable that these fruit flies will arrive at your home and kitchen with your produce. They will begin to hatch every day until this cycle is broken.

The best way to break this cycle and finally get rid of the fruit flies is to wash all your produce when you get it home....immediately before packing it away.

The other step for care and making sure you get rid of the fruit flies when they hatch is to place one or two fruit fly traps in your dry food storage areas.

Fruit flies love potato and are also fond of banana. Placing a fruit fly trap in these areas of your food cupboards will go a long way to get rid of the fruit flies.

You will notice an immediate dissipation of the fruit flies and notice that they will not retrun after a few days.

A fruit fly trap should be sufficient to last nearly an entire summer, but you may need a second one dependent on humidity levels which will speed up the larvae hatching process.


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