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how to get rid of weevils naturally

Updated on January 25, 2012

How to get rid of weevils without using Insecticides

The Weevil ( Curculionidae ), has about 40000-60000 species within its family. Worldwide, about one in every five known species of beetle and every 30th species in this group. The weevil is probably the most diverse family of all living things. Some species of this family cause damage in agriculture. The grain or wheat weevil (Sitophilus granarius) damages stored grain. The boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis) attacks cotton crops. It lays its eggs inside cotton bolls, and the young weevils eat their way out.

Recently, some species were also successfully used for biological weed control . Most species however life a hidden life. They are usually just a few millimeters long, and only discovered after targeted observation.

Weevils can also be found in dry foods like seeds, nuts, cereal and grain products. They have also been spooted in pancake mix. In the domestic setting, they are most likely to be observed when a bag of flour is opened. Their presence is often indicated by the granules of the infested item sticking together in strings, as if caught in a cobweb.

Weevils are harmless to humans and house pets :-) but as little as they are, for sure big obnoxious and annoying things.

In your garden

As far as biological control of larvae and pupae, the nematode species Heterorhabditis indica is known to be effective against the red weevil. Nematode products are completely harmless for other animals or plants. The nematodes, small animals in the millimeter range , penetrate the larvae and pupae of the weevil. Inside, they spread a living bacteria carried by them. The bacteria will multiply and lead to the death of the weevil larvae / pupae. The nematodes feed on the bacteria and dead weevil bodies , and finally leave their host in order to seek new larvae and pupae. The nematodes will die without their food sources, which means that a permanent protection by one single application can not be achieved . You can tell the application was a success by the larvae / pupae's maroon color . Best time to apply the nematodes is early sping(mid / late March) and late summer (mid August to early / mid October).

In your home

Very easy! First, keep your cereals and grain products in a thight sealed container.

Weevils like it dark and moist. Place several moist (not wet) washcloths in the infested areas. The little creepers will find it at night, and crawl under the towels to mingle. All what's left is to throw the towels and the weevils away. On a side note, this remedy will also work to get rid of silverfish the natural way.

~~ Happpy weevil hunting~~


Did you know ...? Nematodes are also beneficial for ....

Check out what a Nematoda can do good for you!

- getting rid of fleas in the yard (what a relief for your puppy!!)

- rid your lawn of grubs

- keep biting and damaging insects out of your yard and lawn

- get rid of fungus gnats

- get rid of vine weevil

- before treating your yard or lawn, your kids will love to inspect the nematodes under the microscope (fun science lesson!!!)

What is a nematode again?

The nematodes, or roundworms (phylum Nematoda) are the most diverse phylum of pseudocoelomates, and one of the most diverse of all animals. Nematode species are very difficult to distinguish; over 28,000 species have been mentioned, over 16,000 of them are parasitic. It has been estimated that the total number of nematode species could come close to 1,000,000. Unlike cnidarians or flatworms, roundworms have a digestive system that is like a tube with openings at each end.

Other Weevil Stuff

Show us your love - Has this worked for you? Do you have another natural weevil hunting trick you would like to share?

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    anonymous 5 years ago

    The only solution I have found to get rid of black weevils is to let in your kitchen a couple of domestic ants and they do the work for you! It is natural inexpensive and effective!

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    Bangladeshi 5 years ago

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    Thank you for the tip about the washcloth. I will try that. One side note, however, weevils are not harmless. Like roaches, they carry diseases like e. coli. and can make you sick.