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Pest Control-How to make harmless pest control and control bugs

Updated on June 6, 2016

Harmless bug repellent for pest control

How to make harmless pest control and control bugs. Harmless bug repellent have been around since the beginning of time along with pest control. Most are beneficial and fill niches that support other living things. Insects perform services to other organisms such as the pollination of plants, are part of the food chain, and perform other jobs that keep nature in balance certain types of pest control can interfere with the balance.

However, when insect decide to take up residence in our home, we find it annoying and wish to do away with them you need pest control. The best way to keep bugs at a distance and outdoors is to prevent or discourage them from entering in the first place homemade bug repellent and pest control may be the answer. It is safe for anyone in your family.


Mosquito Repellent for Your Home


15 drops of lavender oil

31/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

1/4 cup of lemon juice

Pour all of the ingredients into a small spray bottle. Shake until completely mixed. Spray around entry doorways, windows, thresholds and other spot mosquitoes may access your home. DO NOT use this spray on yourself or your family.

This is strictly a repellent to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

Homemade Pest Control

Sit Outside Mosquito Free

Build a mosquito trap, that emits carbon dioxide and trap mosquitoes before they bite

Mosquito Trap - Easy to Make

Build a mosquito trap from a 1 liter soda bottle and 3 simple ingredients.


1 liter soda bottle

3/4 cups of warm water

1/4 cup white sugar

1/2 teaspoon active yeast

1. Cut a 1 liter soda bottle in half creating a top and bottom half.

2, Mix sugar and warm water together until the sugar dissolves

3. Pour into the bottom portion of the cut soda bottle

4. Sprinkle the yeast over the water and sugar solution DO NOT mix, just let it sit on the surface of the solution.

5. Turn the top portion of the soda bottle and set it into the bottle portion. Make sure the pouring spout of the bottle is face down toward the mixture.

6. Set the trap outside or anywhere mosquito are a problem. Soon you will see mosquitos trapped inside the bottle. If you have a large space to treat make several traps and set them close to wear you are.

Commercial Repellents

Do you believe commercial repellents are safe?

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Repel Mosquitos From Your Skin

Mosquito repellent for your skin. Try several of these recipes to decide which one works best in your region.

Mosquito Repellent for Skin

My personal preference is to use olive oil as a medium for suspending my repelling ingredients, you may also use alcohol. There are several different way to repel mosquitos to prevent bites. Here are a few good recipes.


40 drops of one of the following essential oils-cinnamon, lemon grass, lavender, mint, citronella, or eucalyptus.

1/2 cup Olive Oil, alcohol, or witch hazel

Mix ingredients together and pour into a spray or squeeze bottle. Spread evenly on affected areas of your skin to repel mosquitos. Reapply if necessary.

For other biting insects:

fleas-use orange oil

ticks and lice-rose geranium

any biting insect-citronella

castor oil mosquitoes

ticks and lice- lemon eucalyptus

ticks and lice-regular eucalyptus

gnats-baby oil on affected areas

Safe Insecticide for Your Plants

Safe is the what we all want for out families, this soap-based insecticide keeps everyone safe.


Which pests do you deal with regularly in your region of the country?

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Other Pesty Insects

Depending upon which region of the country you live in, will determine which insects you will have as pests


Most regions of the country are affect with various types of cockroaches. However, if you live in a region that is warm you may have more than your fair share of these unwanted guest. As we all know cockroaches carry disease, can trigger allergies, and dirty place they inhabit. Treating for them is often difficult and can be very frustrating. There are over 4000 varieties of cockroaches in the world, but only a few types live in homes. Most live in area underground in forests and are not considered pests, but contributing partners in their niche.

Facts About Cockroaches

1. They eat starch, breads, wallpaper paste and other starchy substances.

2. They love coffee grounds, especially used ones.

3. They move quickly and are difficult to catch or STOMP!

4. They transfer germs and disease from one place to another.

5. They can live for over 1 month without food.

6. They can live for up to 1 week without a head.

7. Some cockroaches stay pregnant for life.

8. They an live without air for almost 1 hour.

9, They can run up to 3 mph

10. They can enter your home without you seeing them. You may bring them in bags, purses, or boxes, they may enter through cracks and crevices, through vents drain pipe, through sink drains and sewers.

Treating for Cockroaches

!. When cleaning countertops leave a residue of soap behind. Cockroaches hate soap!

2. Boric Acid in the form of tablets or powder can be used under sinks, stoves, refrigerators, or other places you may see them. SUPER SIZED treatment- moisten cracker and sprinkle with boric acid. Since cockroaches love starch, they will take it back to their nests to share.

3. If you have used a commercial spray to kill them it may take weeks before it take effect. You will know it is effective when you see dead ones in clear view.

4. Bay leaves can be used to keep cockroaches away. Simply place leaves in area where cockroaches have been seen. Bay leaves have been used to prevent the infestations of mealy bugs in grain products in restaurants and grocery stores for years. Simply place several in storage containers with flour, rice and other grain products.

5.Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder often used in swimming pool filters. It can also be used to treat for cockroaches. Simply place it in areas where cockroaches visit. It is has microscopically sharp crystal which injury the cockroaches body and causes dehydration.

6. Cedar is a natural product that prevent the infestations of many pest. A natural product called Cedarcide crystal can be sprinkled in area under sinks and appliances to protect against cockroaches.

7. Lastly, keep you home clean!

Sometimes You Have to Hire an Exterminator

Some insect infestations can only be treated by professionals.

The Dreaded Bed Bug

Bed bugs have long been a problem for many people. During the early 1900's many wood headboards were burned to treat for bed bugs. These headboard were replaced with cast iron, brass and other metal ones, since bed bug can hide in wood. Since bed bugs are so small they are able to nest almost invisibly. They are usually only recognized when a person wakes with reddened bites and small blood stains on their linens.

Steps to Treating Bed Bug Infested Areas

1. Wash all bed linens and pillows in hot water with chlorine bleach. Dry in a hot dryer. Hang outside in strong sunlight. Or dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag.

2. Vacuum all affected areas into a disposable bag cleaner, immediately remove and place in a plastic bag, tie closed and dispose immediately outside of the house.

3. Steam clean mattress, box springs, carpets, rugs and other fabrics that can not be machine washes.

4. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or Boric Acid on un-washable fabrics and materials.

5. Use plastic or bed bug free covers on pillows, mattresses, and box springs.

If your problem is severe contact a professional exterminator, and discuss you options.

After treatment is complete regularly place mattress, box spring, rugs, and pillows out side in direct sunlight. This is a very good treatment for all types of furniture infestations. especially wood headboards.

Have you ever made insect repellent for your family?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have made repellents for myself and my furkids. Love them and they work really well

    • rob-hemphill profile image

      Rob Hemphill 

      5 years ago from Ireland

      Thank goodness we're a bit cold most of the year for mosquitoes to be a problem.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We have very few pests in Southern California. Amazing. I think the birds eat them as fast as they appear.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      No i havent, it would be great to use in the summertime


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