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How To Make A Pine Desk

Updated on September 9, 2010

Furniture is something everybody needs, regardless of the place where you are living or what you do for a living. Furniture accompanies our everyday life whenever we eat, or sleep or work, whether it has the form of a desk or a bed or a chair or a dresser. Furniture can be found in many styles and types, but our focus is on a single one.

Walking into the woods or climbing on a mountain has for sure brought you in connection with trees, whether tall or small. You must have tripped over some branches or sticks, rested on a log and admired the variety of plants that grow around trees. Well, this is my source of material out of which I built the table legs or the supporting braces for my handmade pine desk.

Before going to the woods, I already know the dimensions and I take with me the measuring tape, the hand saw and the pocket knife, as well as my imagination, of course.

The pine trees around me look young, just fit for what I have in mind. I could use all 8, but I respect the forest and try not to affect the root system of the trees. This is why I only take 4 of them. Meanwhile, I also take down the thin covering.

The trees that I cut I take to a wood workshop for further processing. There they get disembarked and left to dry in a warm, dry climate, for another three weeks. From a lumberyard I buy the top part for my desk.

Pine Desks

Putting Together The Pine Desk

With the jointer and the thickness planner I roughly mill the pine in the wood workshop. After that I put together the top boards of the desk using glue. For the joinery, I use hanger bolts and T-nuts. The hanger bolts go into the legs, which must be dry and have the right height. Finally, the screws are being fixed to the legs at the same level, so there is no uneven floor effect.

Because pine is softwood, coming from evergreen tree, it is very flexible. It can be shaped quite easily and maintaining it is not very demanding. To give it an extra touch of originality, it may be added some knotty finish for the desk and the bedroom furniture.

A pine desk can be found at a good price, but it requires extra care when handled, as it gets easily scratched. To make your room or office feel cozier, you can very well use a knotty pine desk. You can add to that the pleasant pine aroma it gives. And if you are concerned about the environment, you should know that it is renewable and carbon neutral, so you can replace it whenever you feel like.


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