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how to protect teak garden furniture

Updated on January 4, 2014

Do you have garden furniture in teak you want to protect? read following tips and recomendations.

General tips and recommendation for the protection of teak garden furniture, and other furniture produced in teak furniture.

Teak furniture is one of the most preciated types of furniture used outdoors. With this lens we will give some recomendations to protect your investment in teak garden furniture with very easy tips, and some technical information about the teak

tectona grandis
tectona grandis

Technical description of Teak garden furniture

The wood comes from Tectona Grandis , a tree under favorable growing conditions can reach a height of 45 meters with a trunk diameter of up to 2.4 meters. Should his famous durability at a high natural oil content so it absorbs very little moisture . Consequently , wood ' works ' little and has great stability . It is also highly resistant to the effect of chemicals and damage from harmful bugs . Thanks to these qualities and exceptional color and structure , teak is considered the noblest of the woods.

Ecology. Teak furniture.

The Teak is a tree that is mainly in the Golden Triangle in the region of Laos, Myanmar (formerly Burma ) and Thailand. Since in recent centuries wood was shipped mostly Burmese ports on both the capital of Moulmein and Rangoon, Moulmein was nicknamed or teak teak Rangoon. Burma has huge reserves of teak wood . Harvesting is done under the supervision of 'Forest Department of Myanmar ' and is based on the principle of ' sustainable forest ' . This implies a selective logging and systematic reforestation , a system promoted by organizations such as the WWF.

A few years ago , the Burmese government also began to enable plantations. For many centuries there were the qualities of teak wood which enable began plantations in Africa , South America and other countries in Southeast Asia . Since the condition of soil and climate conditions have an important influence on the quality of the wood , only wood Indonesian Tectona Grandis has the same qualities as natural wood. After the colonial period , the Indonesian plantations passed to the control of the local population , being today the state institution supervised by Perum Perhutani.


Only adult wood has the prized qualities of stability and strength. The timber may be felled after 75-80 years. At that moment, is carried out on trees incision to remove the lower layer of the cortex. This makes them lose most of the sap. At two years , are felled and cut after which the wood is selected based on its structure.

The drying of wood is a very important phase largely determines subsequent behavior . Drying period and the process speed depends on the thickness of the material. Therefore, drying schemes should be adapted to the wood in the drying oven . After this phase, the ideal moisture content is between 8% and 12% , not only the outer surface but also in the center. After drying , it is also very important to the further processing, especially for outdoor furniture as they should resist the most adverse circumstances . For the solidity of its construction depends heavily on the accuracy of the transformation. A defective snaps excessive tolerance can easily cause instability , while an assembly too tight can cause cracks .


Due to their high strength, teak woods do not require additional protection. However , treatment may be desirable to reduce the sensitivity to stains. In exterior applications , due to exposure to water and UV rays , rust untreated wood acquiring a silvery patina . If you want to prevent this natural process or not depends on personal taste of each.

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